Efficiency in the Kitchen

by Tefal Team on 29 August 2023
  • Time-Saving Gadgets You Need to Know About

    With Back-to-School season soon approaching, we know it can be tough trying to juggle everything as a parent. From the school drop-off in the morning to preparing meals, cleaning school uniforms, and keeping the house clean and tidy, all while working 9-5; it’s no easy feat!

    In this blog post, we explore how Tefal’s innovative kitchen gadgets are total game-changers when it comes to making meal preparation a breeze, allowing parents to create delicious and nutritious dishes without sacrificing precious family time. From nifty pressure cookers to speedy food processors, unleash the power of efficiency in your kitchen.

  • Handy Tips and Tricks

    We’ve got some fantastic products that can really help you to save time in the kitchen. But first of all, read our top tips and tricks that you can implement yourself starting today! 

    Create a shopping list: Make sure you make a list ahead of doing the food shopping, this way you know what you’re going in for and you’ll save time on wondering around not knowing what to buy. This also helps with meal planning. Check out our Tefal App as you can create your shopping lists directly on the App.

    Batch cooking: at Tefal, we recommend cooking in bulk! Make an extra large chilli or roasted vegetables which you can use the next day to chuck into a salad or a pasta dish and have next day’s dinner ready to go. Check out our master seal boxes which will keep your food fresh ready to enjoy.

    Plan your meals: Planning your meals in advance can also really help to save time in the kitchen. This also means you won’t buy ingredients that you don’t end up using and reduces food waste too; so that’s a win, win.

    Clean as you go: To save time on the washing up, try washing up or loading the dishwasher as you go. You can wash up the chopping board and knives while your food is sizzling away on the hob, meaning you have less to sort out after dinner time has finished.

  • Did You Know That the Average Family Meal Takes 41 Minutes to Prepare?*

    *According to Hall (2020).

    Quite frankly, we simply don’t have almost an hour a day to be preparing the dinner.

    If you’re struggling for time but don’t want to compromise on nutritious and delicious food for the family, why not check out the PerfectMix Cook. With this exceptionally clever and stylish blender, you’ll find 14 different settings to suit your every need. Whip up a heart-warming soup in half an hour with just the click of a button.

    Sound too good to be true? We totally agree with you. But the PerfectMix Cook is no joke. You can add whole vegetables to the blender, along with your liquids and flavourings and simply select the ‘smooth soup’ or ‘chunky soup’ setting. The blender will then get to work, thoroughly cooking all ingredients through before whizzing it up in the final seconds, leaving you with a sumptuous, piping hot soup that’s ready to eat. Try our pea and ham soup and watch this recipe Reel to see how easy it really is with the Perfect Mix Cook

    Not only does the Perfect Mix Cook prepare the best soup, it has plenty more settings including a slushie setting for your cold beverages, smoothies, cocktails and more. If you fancy something refreshing to wash down your tasty dinner, check out this video and try our fruity frosé.


  • Pressure Cookers to the Rescue

    Now we might be nearing Autumn, but there is still a small bit of summer sun to soak up, so you might be looking for light and easy dishes to whip up over the next few weeks. Start by trying our fajitas which can be cooked in the Turbo Cuisine in around 15 minutes. The Turbo Cuisine comes with 10 separate settings to ensure your meal is perfectly prepared. From ‘brown’ to ‘bake’ it does just about anything you could want for an easy, hands-free tea. Try out the ‘Steam’ setting and cook our steamed salmon with vegetable noodles, available on the Tefal App.

    And if you’re craving something a bit cosier as we head into the warmer months, you can prepare the perfect risotto with almost zero effort with its very own rice setting. Leave it to cook away while you finish your chores for the day. Minimum fuss but maximum flavour. Not just a time-saver but a gamer-changer!

    Head over to our TikTok and watch this pea risotto recipe video where we show you just how easy it is. Or try our Ratatouille, recipe Reel linked here.

  • Cook in Bulk

    Another great benefit of the Turbo Cuisine is its ample size which provides room enough for several meals. Why not try batch cooking some meals. From roasted vegetables, to braised meats, risottos and more, you can batch cook one evening and save the rest for next day’s dinner. And let’s face it, a meal you can heat up and eat straight away always goes down a treat. Head over to our App or Instagram for more tips on buying and cooking in bulk and avoiding waste.

  • Ingenio – the Name’s in the Title

    If you’ve not checked out the Ingenio range yet, you’re going to want to. This is another game-changer when it comes to saving time in the kitchen. With the versatility of these pans, you can cook on the stove and in the oven all in one pan and transfer from hob to oven with the removeable handles in one smooth swoop. This will help you save time on washing up clunky oven dishes and extra pots and pans. Watch us make this heavenly, cheesy pasta bake over on our TikTok in the Ingenio pans. Straight from the hob and into the oven for a melty, crispy finish. Delicious!

  • Time to Wash up Please Kids, Just Kidding!

    You’ve finished your meal with the family and now it’s time to carry out the dreaded task of washing up. But if you’re fortunate enough to have a dishwasher within your household, then you’re in luck. Because all products mentioned above are dishwasher safe.

    And there you have it. There really is nothing better than being able to pop it all in the dishwasher at the end of a long day.

    Now you’ve got time to get on with your evening. Tuck the kids in, read them a bedtime story or even soak up half an hour of me time, after all you’ve deserved it!

    Check out our full range of cookware and kitchen gadgets at shop.tefal.co.uk and if you’re still working out which is the best product for you, send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook and we can make a recommendation for you according to your personal requirements and lifestyle!

Turbo Cuisine Multi-Pressure Cooker

Prepare delicious homemade meals quickly and easily

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