Savour These Energy Saving EasyFry Recipes

by Tefal Team on 07 November 2022
  • Save energy, money and time with our unmissable collection of autumnal evening meals. From veggie to very yummy desserts, midweek never looked so tasty!

  • Fryers with benefits

    You’ve probably heard that air fryers can help you save money in the kitchen. With little to no preheat time and a more compact cooking space, they can save up to 70% on energy costs **vs conventional oven.  And with EasyFry, there’s more…

    EasyFry goes beyond air frying. With the 2-in-1 you can air fry and grill a dizzying selection of recipes, while the 3-in-1 gives you the option to steam too. For the ultimate cooking companion, the EasyFry 9-in-1 also roasts, bakes, toasts, dehydrates, broils, rotisseries and reheats – it really has you covered!

  • Veggie wow

    Portobello pizzas couldn’t be simpler, just a few tasty ingredients plus minimal prep and cooking time and – ta da! – a cheap and yummy midweek dinner. Vary up the recipe with aubergine or butternut squash bases.

    For perfectly tender cauliflower steaks with golden crispy edges, cooking in the EasyFry is the answer. These veggie morsels go with all sorts but if you’re stuck for ideas, try these colourful stuffed peppers.

    Gnocchi ratatouille is all levels of delicious and very cost effective, while air fryer falafels* are a brilliantly easy alternative to pricy shop bought ones. And for a simple side try these homemade chips*, ready in just 15 minutes in the 9in1. Top tip: don’t forget to make use of the reheat function for any leftovers.

  • Fancy a fish dish?

    With its handy variety of cooking functions, the EasyFry can help you serve up fish the way you like it for a fraction of the cost. Grill up perfectly tender salmon* and serve with seasonal greens like kale, cabbage or sprouts.

    Steaming fish is a great way to keep it juicy, so why not try this flavour-packed recipe for steamed white fish with the EasyFry steam setting?

    Or skip the take away by making your own knock out fish and chips at home with the air fry setting. (Take your fish and chip skills further with these hot tips).

  • Chicken delicious

    Slash the cost of oven roasting! With the EasyFry 9-in-1 you can roast your chicken rotisserie style in half the time of a conventional oven at the touch of a button. Serve up with some seriously cheesy leeks.

    Need super speedy chicken? Just 15 minutes of grill time is all that’s needed for these succulent chicken skewers*, while 15 minutes of air fryer action will result in this super crispy bang bang chicken.

  • Meat feast

    Meatballs make a quick, low-cost meal that will go down a treat any night of the week. Serve with pasta or speedy – and we do mean speedy! – creamy polenta.

    Or how about some finger-licking seasoned spare ribs with some gloriously crispy onion rings? Try with steamed veg topped with flavoured butters – delish!

  • Sweet and light

    Looking for an easy dessert with a difference? Choco-banana samosas* are a taste sensation you can whip up with just a few ingredients in under half an hour. And the humble crumble is given the EasyFry treatment in this berry juicy recipe*.

    This rich and indulgent pear and chocolate cake served with lashings of cream or chocolate fudge sauce is the perfect note to end on. Seasonal pears and a quicker cooking time in the EasyFry help keep this treat low cost so get stuck right in! And if you’re craving something really chocolatey these soufflés* are a winner.

    Alternatively, make some sweet snacks for later with these dried banana, kiwi and strawberry slices*. Perfect as a healthy treat for a movie night in.

    *Find these EasyFry recipes and more on the super all-in-1 Tefal app! Compatible with the Easyfry 2in1, 3in1 and 9in1 and a whole host of other Tefal products.

    **Save up to 70% on energy costs *vs conventional oven Energy Class A. Tests conducted in 2022 on frozen fries.

Easy Fry 2in1 Air Fry & Grill

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