Be Holiday Ready With These Essentials Packing Tips

by Tefal Team on 19 May 2023
  • Whether it’s a bank holiday getaway, half term trip or summer vacay, get ready to go with these expert tips and packing essentials…

  • Pack it in

    To pack your case, you’ve got to roll with it! Why? Because rolling clothes before packing is the best way to save space and cut down on creases. And if you want to be super organised, packing cubes (zip up fabric storage bags) take things a step further by separating and grouping items so that you can find things quickly when you need them.

    Avoid spills by wrapping toiletries up in plastic bags, maximise space by stuffing small items (socks, underwear etc) into shoes and pack heavier items towards the wheels of your case or bag to make it easier to roll along.

  • One suitcase essential we wouldn’t be without is a travel garment steamer. Compact and lightweight, these versatile clothes steamers quickly banish unsightly wrinkles as well as being a great way to sanitise and freshen clothes mid-trip.  Your perfect travel companion!

  • Camp kitchen

    With kit, clothes, food and more, packing for camping holidays needs a bit more thought and planning (in other words – lots of piles and lists!) We get most excited about the camp kitchen of course, so take note of these tips:

    Plan meals before you go so you know what cooking equipment you’ll need – check out these yummy camping recipe ideas – and chill or freeze food before putting in the food container to preserve it for longer. Save space with handy stacking pans and consider including time-saving gadgets like a clever little manual chopper.

    Electric hook-ups are now a normal part of camping, so if you have the space why not take a compact air fryer or an electric grill? They’ll make camp mealtimes a breeze!

  • Travel buddies

    For road trips and long journeys, don’t shell out on expensive service station stops; pack a yummy car picnic before you go! Pop a selection of tasty travel treats and snacks into leakproof containers to keep food fresh and ready while you’re on the move.

  • Have your favourite brew to hand in a travel mug (great for camping too!), pack your reusable drinks bottle and line up some delicious drinks to fill it with. Don’t forget wipes for sticky fingers and a rubbish bag to keep the car clean.

    That’s the packing sorted – have a great trip!

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