Say Goodbye To Laundry Woes

by Tefal Team on 11 August 2023
  • Did you know an average person spends two whole days a year ironing?  

    Laundry can be a daunting chore, but with the right hacks you can make this mundane task more efficient and hassle-free. From mastering the art of wrinkle-free ironing to refreshing an old pair of gym leggings in a timely manner, these Tefal-approved hacks will make laundry day a breeze.  

    In this blog post, we unveil time-saving and effective tips to conquer your laundry woes with ease. Grab a cuppa, get a comfortable seat, and discover the ultimate laundry hacks using natural ingredients and our innovative range of linen care products. 

  • Hack #1: Wrinkle Prevention

    Let’s be honest, wrinkles are the bane of any laundry routine, but with a little care, you can keep them at bay. This one might be a given, but one of the simplest ways to prevent wrinkles is to hang your clothes immediately after the wash cycle. This allows gravity to work its magic, smoothing out the fabric and preventing creases from setting in. 

    If you’re in a jiffy and realised last minute your outfit is all wrinkled, you can also multitask and steam out the wrinkles in your clothing while you take a shower. Just make sure you turn that handle all the way to red, hang up your clothes within the steamy shower, and then stand clear of the hot water! 

    For those stubborn wrinkles that just won’t disappear, our Pure Tex, a clothes steamer that uses strong steam and a magnetic multi-pad system that enables you to quickly eliminate wrinkles. It’s a time-saving and gentle alternative, especially for delicate fabrics and heavier textiles that are prone to heat damage.  

    P.S, you can also add a MyPerfume device into the steam bonnet and get your clothes smelling like your favourite fragrance! 

  • Hack #2: Conquer Stains with a Splash and Steam

    Stains are the sneaky villains of the laundry realm, but we have a secret weapon to tackle them – vinegar! Au Revoir to tomato sauce, wine and ink stains with a magical concoction of vinegar and water. Simply apply some vinegar onto the dampened stain, let it sit for about 15 minutes, then give it a rinse with cold water and watch the stain surrender like a white flag of defeat.  

    Who know vinegar could be so heroic, eh? 

    If that’s not enough to refresh your clothes, you can always pop them in our Care For You, Tefal’s automatic garment steamer, with its powerful steam output, effortlessly sanitizes and gently dries all types of fabric in as little as 10 minutes! 

  • Hack #3: Quick Clothing Fixes

    Have you ever found yourself in that dreaded situation of waking up too late, knowing you overslept and missed your alarm, and now have to rush to the office? We’ve all been there, and yes, even those fortunate enough to work from the comfort of their living rooms can fall victim to the morning scramble when faced with an early meeting. 

     But fear not! There’s a fascinating and wildly popular hack making its rounds that promises to breathe new life into your day-old shirts, gym clothes after intense cardio sessions, and more – all thanks to one secret ingredient: Lemon. 

     Grab a spray bottle and mix a tablespoon of lemon juice per cup of water – it’s like a citrusy magic potion for your clothes. Literally a quick dab or spritz in that area should do the trick. 

    Of course, we understand that not everyone may be keen on the Lemon idea (we’re all about vibrant outfits, not surprise splotches!), and that’s perfectly alright.  

    For those seeking alternative solutions, look no further than our trusty Pure Pop, a garment steamer and a true game changer for quick laundry needs. Its compact, lightweight design allows for effortless steaming, making wrinkles a thing of the past.  

    So whether you’re dashing from one meeting to the next, or embracing the spontaneity of life, a speedy steaming session with our Pure Pop is your go-to trick for that instant refresh. 

    The best part? It works both vertically and horizontally!  

  • Hack #4: Multitasking Magic

    In the bustling rhythm of modern life, time is the most precious commodity we possess. Yet, amid the daily chaos, we find ourselves constantly postponing the mundane task of ironing our clothes, letting the wrinkles linger on our attire like the silent reminders of procrastination. Maximise your time by folding and ironing clothes right after they are dried. 

    We know that the mere thought of standing for what feels like an eternity, meticulously folding and pressing creased garments with a scalding iron, can exude a sense of monotony that disheartens even the most optimistic souls. We yearn for a more enchanting alternative, one that elevates this laundry chore to an artful experience.  

    Picture this: the evocative episode of your favourite tv show flickers on the screen, or perhaps the allure of delving into the latest Netflix documentary. Now imagine seamlessly merging these enthralling pursuits with the seemingly tiring task at hand – ironing your clothes. Talk about multitasking! 

    And if you’re looking for a perfect companion, why not use our high-pressure steam iron and embrace the power of silent pump technology to enjoy your favourite TV shows whilst doing the world’s most dreadful job? 

  • Give these innovative laundry hacks a go, incorporate them into your routine and bid farewell to those hours spent wrangling wrinkles and battling stains. With a dash of vinegar magic, a spritz of citrusy freshness, and the power of steam at your fingertips, you’ll transform laundry day from a chore to a breeze.  

    Your garments deserve the royal treatment and now, it’s easier than ever to give it to them. Check out the rest of our range of linen care here.

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