The Secret To Crease Free Wedding Dressing

by Tefal Team on 27 July 2023
  • Wedding season is officially upon us and there really is nothing better than eating, drinking and dancing in the sun; whether you’re celebrating with family or catching up with old friends (and not forgetting the joys of a free bar). 

    But before we can soak up the pure bliss of a wedding, we have the task of finding the perfect outfit.  

    We all know that familiar feeling of trying to find an item in the wardrobe that is wedding appropriate and isn’t going to leave a puddle of sweat everywhere you go in the summer heat.  

  • Comfort is key

    If you’re attending a summer wedding this year, think light: light colours and materials.  

    Comfort is key, especially during the hotter summer months.  

    When it comes to material, opt for something cooling, like linen, silk or cotton. These breathable fabrics will stop you from getting overheated when you’re boogying on the dancefloor. 

    Select light and bright colours rather than dark pigments that will attract more sun and retain the heat (of course avoiding white and ivory). Think bright colours like oranges and yellows, or pastels which are guaranteed to keep you feeling fresh and breezy in the warm weather.  

  • Top tips for looking your best on the big day

    So now you’ve purchased your ideal outfit and you’re getting ready for the big day.  

    We all know what it’s like when you’ve bought the perfect shirt or dress, but it creases within seconds.  

    Here are our top tips for ensuring you preserve the quality of your outfit and get crease free this wedding season: 

    Rock and roll when you pack. If staying overnight for your wedding and you’re transporting your outfit, rolling items instead of folding them can help to remove the risk of creasing your clothes. This is also a great technique for saving space and will help you to fit more in.   

    Invest in a garment bag, meaning you can transport your dress or shirt on a hanger and avoid it getting crinkled ahead of the main event. 

    Bring a portable, hand-held steamer with you to iron out those creases. This will make sure your outfit is popping on the big day and leave you feeling fresh and confident.

  • A perfect steamer for any wedding occasion

    We’d recommend getting your hands on the Pure Pop garment steamer. Coming in four vibrant colours, the Pure Pop is a portable steamer that is sleek and stylish and perfect for on-the-go.  

     You’ll steam out those creases in no time.  

    We know that many bridesmaid and maid of honour dresses can be made of very delicate fabrics. So, if you’re a member of the bridal party and have a delicate garment, why not try out the Pure Tex. This handheld garment steamer is your best bet for ironing out those creases on delicate fabrics and ensuring your outfit is in perfect shape. Check out the rest of our range of garment care at here.


Steam your style your way!

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