Summer’s Top Clothing Tips

by Tefal Team on 15 June 2021
  • We’ve got your summer style all sewn up! From what to wear and how to keep it looking on point to packing like a pro and tackling those seasonal stains, it’s all here so don’t get dressed without these tips.

  • Cool, cool summer

    It’s getting hot out there so as well as peeling off layers make sure the layers you do wear are the best fabrics for warm weather. So that’s yes to cotton and linen and no to polyester and nylon to stay cool, obvs, but there are a few surprises.

    Other good summer options include silk (lightweight and breathable) and cashmere (helps regulate body temperature) – who knew? Get the full lowdown on summer fabric dos and don’ts.

  • Stay sharp

    OK, so we’re wearing cotton and linen and feeling all the better for it, but the snag is they can both wrinkle easily. The solution? Have a garment steamer handy for a quick sweep of steam to banish creases – ta da!

    There’s another benefit to steam; it sanitises, killing 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and germs naturally. Perfect for eliminating odours and prolonging wear between washes.

  • Pack like a pro

    If your summer plans involve a bit of packing, then get to grips with the most efficient way to fill a weekend bag/suitcase/rucksack for best results. Avoid creases by rolling garments and packing them first, and consider a travel steamer to freshen up outfits when you get there.

    Pack items you might need straight away (like an outfit change, swimsuit or PJs) at the top of your bag, so you won’t have to tip everything out in an effort to find them. Check out these other super handy packing tips to keep you organised.

  • Dress to impress

    Getting togged up for an occasion? Whether you’re attending an event or getting into the spirit of it at home, take a tip from this year’s Royal Ascot style guide, which celebrates sustainability and encourages ‘shopping your own wardrobe’.

    In other words, look the business without splashing the cash on a brand-new outfit. Maximise what you already have, borrow something, shop second hand or even rent an outfit. And to top it off, make your own day-at-the-races-worthy hat!

  • Keep it clean

    Summer stains are more about ice cream and grass than mulled wine and gravy so learn how best to tackle them with these tops tips.

    If you’re rocking silk or sequins for a summer occasion (festival, family get-together or just a fancy Friday night!) then check out our tips on how to keep them looking fabulous.

    And to keep all your clobber fresh and ready to go this summer, take a look at our brilliant ironing hacks worth knowing about.

    That’s your summer wardrobe sorted! We’re off to see about a cashmere playsuit…

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