Have You Tried These Awesome Laundry Hacks?

by Tefal Team on 12 October 2021
  • Turn your laundry woes into laundry wins with some surprisingly brilliant ways to deal with the daily drudgery. Follow in the footsteps of these TikTok wash day wizards – with a few extra tips thrown in for good measure – to take the stress out of your laundry pile.

  • Organise like a boss

    Fail to plan and plan to fail, as the saying goes so start your laundry cycle with a smart bit of sorting. TikToker sara.naples offers up a genius way of ordering laundry pre and post wash involving extra hampers and we’re loving it.

  • Out with stains

    If stubborn stains aren’t the most soul-destroying part of laundry, then we don’t want to know what is. Luckily TikToker flourishingmother has come to the rescue with a game changing tip to deal with set in stains.

  • Set it right

    Do you have a favourite machine setting? One you use for everything you throw in the drum? You’re likely doing your laundry a disservice so it’s time to decipher those garment label codes and discover all the other marvellous settings on your machine. Let TikToker jeeve_ny walk you through them.

  • All white now

    Brighten up your whites with some miracle-working homemade laundry cubes. Do as TikToker carolina.mccauley does and mix bicarbonate of soda, borax and oxygen bleach, mould into cubes and pop in the wash to transform your white items.

  • The virtues of vinegar

    A bottle of white vinegar should be a laundry cupboard staple and here’s why. Surprisingly, it’s a great replacement for fabric softener. Bonkers as it sounds, it’ll soften fabric and help remove stains – and it won’t make your laundry smell like chips.

    White vinegar will also come in handy if ever you’ve left a load in the machine for too long and it’s started to smell sour. Just check out TikToker natasha21k’s brilliant vinegar tip to banish that nasty whiff.

  • Strip tease

    Heard about laundry stripping? It’s a dirty business. To be clear, it involves filling the bathtub with hot water and a mix of cleaning ingredients, then soaking washed towels and sheets for a few hours to extract dirt build up you didn’t even know was there.

    With shocking results (the water turns a stomach-churning brown), it promises a bit of laundry magic. Brave enough to try it? Here’s a UK version that substitutes Borax and US detergents.

  • Save our socks

    Socks have been vanishing in the laundry since, well, since there were socks. But these TikTokers have a few helpful solutions to the age-old problem. We like the idea of giving lonely socks a safe space to hang out until reunited.

    For those that go missing in the washing machine, jeeves_ny has the answer. And for tumble dryer victims, this tip might come in handy.

  • Bonus brilliance

    With autumnal weather upon us, check out these knitwear hacks you need to know about and get your outer wear looking the business with our coat cleaning know how.

    Once the washing’s done and the ironing pile looms large, learn these ironing hacks worth knowing about to make short work of it.

    Don’t get in a spin about dirty clothes. These quick and savvy tips will cement your status as a laundry legend.

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