8 Micro Habits to Make You Feel Great

by Tefal Team on 07 April 2022
  • Big resolutions can be hard to stick to. Say hello to micro habits; small ways to make a big difference. They could be the answer to transforming your life so read on to find out more…

  • What are micro habits?

    Simply put they are small, manageable changes in behaviour that need minimal effort to complete. Reading a page a day, taking a ten-minute walk – that sort of thing. The power behind them is that they can lead to greater things.

    The reason we often fail with resolutions is that we set the bar too high and rely on our willpower to keep them up. By starting small, we can gradually build up to bigger when we feel ready.

  • How can they help?

    Micro habits help us make good changes step by step. That’s because doing something is better than doing nothing and a little each day is easier than a lot in one day. Once we sustain these small habits, the sense of achievement motivates us to do more.

    Adopting positive habits is good for you too, both physically and mentally depending on the task. Overall, this can help reduce stress and as April is Stress Awareness Month, what better time to start?

  • Micro habits to try today

  • 1. Just a minute

    In her book ‘The Happiness Project’, Gretchen Rubin shares a game-changing rule: if a task takes less than a minute, do it straight away. Change the toilet roll, reply to a text, make the bed – if it can be done in under sixty seconds, get it done.

    Might not seem like much but put together these mini chores add up to a lot less on your plate without feeling like mammoth tasks.

  • 2. Drink up

    Most of us need to drink more water but remembering to do it is often the stumbling block. Put a glass by the kettle before bed to remind you to start your day with water and keep a reusable cup with your house keys so you stay hydrated when out and about.

  • 3. Make a move

    Committing to the gym might be a stretch but adding more movement into daily life is doable. Get in more steps by parking a walk away to your destination (such as work or shops), choosing stairs over lifts, and taking regular breaks to stand up and move around.

  • 4. Better Zzzzs

    Blue light from screens can disrupt sleeping patterns so it’s best to switch off a couple of hours before bed. If scrolling through social media is a bedtime habit, set an old-fashioned alarm clock and banish your phone from the bedroom to remove temptation.

  • 5. Shopping goals

    This simple habit works for meal planning, money saving and healthy eating: make a list! It will serve as a reminder, lessen the temptation of unnecessary offers and help cut down on food waste. Win, win, win.

  • 6. Spread love

    Lift someone’s mood and give yourself a boost too by calling or texting a different friend or family member every day or so. Just a quick chat or a couple of lines will keep you in touch and will leave them feeling loved.

  • 7. Get set

    A little planning the night before will put you on the right foot for the day ahead. Writing a quick (and achievable!) to-do list, preparing your outfit or packing your bag are all good ways to get a head start.

  • 8. Take time

    End your day with a bit of quiet time. Find a comfy spot and just be for 5 minutes. Call it meditation, down time – or don’t call it anything at all. It’s a moment to stop rushing, doing and consuming and give your mind a chance to be calm.

    If it feels good for you, finish by thinking about what went well that day and feeling grateful for those things.

    Need a nudge to remember these micro habits? Try a habit tracking app like Strides. Small shifts in behaviour really do add up so set yourself some micro habits today!

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