Are You A Climatarian?

by Tefal Team on 05 January 2022
  • You may already be one and not even know it. So just what is a climatarian and why should we all consider this planet-friendly approach to food? Watch the video below, and read on to find out more.

  • A new type of -tarian

    In recent years, vegan and vegetarian diets have been on the up for a number of reasons including their eco credentials. Choosing a climatarian diet is all about helping the planet. The Cambridge Dictionary defines a climatarian as:

    A person who chooses what to eat according to what is least harmful to the environment:

    • By being a climatarian, you are helping to save the planet with your food choices.
    • Climatarians typically cut out meat and other foods with a high carbon footprint.

    Sounds just like what the world needs now, so what’s involved?

  • On (and off) the menu

    A climatarian thinks planet first when it comes to food choices. Seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, food with low carbon emissions and produce without unnecessary packaging are all in the basket.

    Meat and dairy aren’t no-nos but are reduced and carefully sourced. Meat and fish must be sustainable, as should certain potentially problematic ingredients like palm oil, sugar and almond milk.

    Avoiding food waste is also right up there so climatarians only shop for what they need, prep like pros, reuse ingredients and have freezers full of tasty leftovers.

  • More than meals

    As well as food choices, the climatarian way of living encourages growing your own and composting kitchen waste.

    Shopping should be eco-conscious and not just when it comes to food. Choosing products that are built to last, made from recycled materials and those that can be repaired are all important.

  • Good for you too

    It’s not just the planet that benefits, the climatarian diet is also great news for health. Less red meat and more fruit and veg, wholegrains, pulses, nuts and seeds all add up to a nutritious way of eating.

    This could mean a reduced risk of problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes and on the flipside, glowing skin, an uptick in energy levels and benefits to mental health. Sounds good to us!

  • Food for a healthy planet

    Sourcing food that’s seasonal, local, low carbon, ethical and not covered in plastic might seem ridiculously complicated but it just takes a bit of guidance and practice. Start by checking out this 7-day menu plan to get you on the right track.

    If you want to get going now, know what January’s seasonal ingredients look like and line up some scrumptious recipes to use them in.

    Embracing Veganuary? Make your meals even more eco-friendly by making sure they’re seasonal too.

    Incorporating just some of these principles into your weekly food plan and shop will make a difference so take a little climatarian action this year.

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