The Seasonal Vegan

by Tefal Team on 08 November 2021
  • Cutting down on meat may help the planet but how sustainable are your vegan swaps? This World Vegan Month, we offer up knock-out meat-free recipes that are in tune with the current season to make your meals more planet-friendly.

  • Eating with the seasons

    It just makes sense to buy seasonal fruit and veg whenever possible, especially if it’s locally grown. Not only is it full of flavour, it supports the community and has minimal food miles. Compare that to produce harvested early and flown or shipped in from afar and there’s no contest.

    Pay a visit to a farm shop or local market or sign up for a fruit and veg box for a wholesome way to get your hands on local, seasonal goodies. Making these the bulk of your ingredients is a great way to do your bit.

  • What’s good in November?

    There’s plenty of veg available at this time of year. From cauliflower to kale, Swiss chard to squash, with everything from red cabbage to wild mushrooms in between, there’s a bountiful rainbow of produce to create cracking autumn feasts.

    Soft summer fruits may be over but it’s a great time for orchard fruits like apples and pears. There’s also quince (tricky to get hold of) and don’t forget sloes – pick on a walk and pop in a bottle gin for something special next year.

  • Get started

    A deliciously spiced carrot soup is just the bowl to warm you on a cold day. Make it more sustainable – and scrumptious – by including the carrot tops instead of binning them. Try this excellent recipe.

    Need to impress? Meet beetroot carpaccio. Looks super fancy, is in fact super easy to make and it’s a great way to show off seasonal beets. Serve with rye bread to a round of applause.

    Starter, snack or side, you need to include these potato wedges with herbs and spices in your November menu. Try dunking them in this delish spicy tomato dip.

  • Craving comfort

    Have a heavenly vegan stew with dumplings lined up for a dark evening. Or if you’re short on time, this creamy mushroom stroganoff will be ready in a jiffy.

    Simmer this simple chickpea chana masala in a large pan for a dish bursting with flavour. Serve with these easy samosas or some 3 ingredient roti.

    Trial this baked squash with mushroom nut roast stuffing now and you may just discover the centrepiece for your festive table…

  • And to finish

    Apple pie or apple crumble? Choose both with this masterful caramel apple crumble pie. If you don’t fancy dairy-free cream, try this coconut custard instead.

    Here’s a winning pair of pear puds! This rich pear and dark chocolate wonder is layers of deliciousness, while these pears poached in red wine are so tasty served with your fave dairy-free ice cream.

    For a real showstopper, try this carrot, coconut and date pudding. Sweet, spiced and zesty, you can either cover it in snow-like desiccated coconut or pour over with rum and set it ablaze. Decisions, decisions.

    We think you’ll agree, making meals more planet-friendly is looking pretty tasty this November.

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