Now’s The Time For A Winter Clean Up

by Tefal Team on 09 November 2020
  • Deep cleaning isn’t just for spring. Give your home a winter blitz now and put your feet up this festive season. As always, we’ve got top tips for that… 

  • Keep the outside out

    Stop mud in its tracks by having a good doormat in place and a boot scraper and rack outside the front door. Go a step further by implementing a strict no-shoes-inside-the-house policy and have an old towel handy for after soggy dog walks 

  • Light it up

    Cleaning windows is never fun but grubby panes might just be blocking precious sunlight – good incentive to get the job done! Make up some DIY window spray and buff glass with scrunched up newspaper for a streak-free finish. 

  • Super clean surfaces

    We’ve been furiously cleaning surfaces all year but now that we’re in winter bug territory, it just became even more important. Germs can survive on soft and hard surfaces so regular cleaning and disinfecting is a must.  

    Don’t forget door handles, light switches and other often touched areas. 

  • Food stores

    As eating habits shift to match the season, it’s a great time to overhaul kitchen cupboards. Take everything out, give surfaces a wipe down and restock with in-date foods and paired up storage pots.  

    While you’re banishing clutter, invest in some space-saving pans and keep the contents of each cupboard organised with these clever ideas   

  • One for the oven

    Stews and other comfort foods are top of the menu at the moment so your oven is likely to be working extra hard. Give it a good clean now and it’ll be in peak condition for the great Christmas cook up. 

  • Perk up the home office

    Working from home has become the new norm in 2020, so if this is you set aside some time for an ‘office’ blitz. Clear your desk (or kitchen table) and give it a proper wipe down, file away papers/clutter and get to work on your laptop.

  • Sofa so clean

    Dark evenings equal cozy sofa time so show your furniture some loveWash blankets and cushion covers regularly and steam fabrics that can’t be laundered. Hoover under the sofa for good measure. 

  • Bedtime cleaning

    Make your bed extra snuggly with a good overhaul. Strip it completely and clean all the bedding. Next, give the mattress a thorough hoover and flip or turn it before laying the bed with fresh linen and an extra blanket for those chilly nights.  

    We’ll leave you with this genius list of 40 surprising things you can clean in your dishwasher – sure to help make quick work of your winter clean up!  

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