How To Care For Your Cookware

by Tefal Team on 13 April 2021
  • New cookware is a great investment you’ll want to take good care of. Here we share our expert advice on how to look after your cookware and get the very best from it.

  • The heat is on


    Our iconic Thermo-Spot helps you achieve confidence in your cooking by signalling that the pan is at the ideal temperature for searing. And new to our 2021 pan range, Thermo-Signal changes to solid red to let you know when the pan’s ready for sensational searing.

    A heat sweet spot is also vital for preserving your pan. Overheating reduces its non-stick properties and can limit its lifespan, so don’t cook on a high heat for long periods.

    It’s also a good idea to choose the right size heat ring for your pan, especially with a gas hob as the flames can lick up around the sides of the pan and damage both pan and handle.

  • Cook up a storm

    You may not have noticed but many pan bases are slightly convex making the centre of the pan a little higher than the rest. This is why when you pour oil in the pan it can run to the edges. Perfectly normal. Once the pan heats up, the base will expand and flatten for even heat distribution.

    We’ve all seen chefs give a pan a good shake to toss the food around. If the urge to do the same takes you while you’re cooking just be sure to lift the pan off the hob first to avoid scratching both pan and hob.

    If you have a pan that’s suitable to pop under the grill  (super handy for crisping up a dish before serving) be sure to keep the handle away from the heat to avoid damage.  Even away from direct heat the handle can still get hot so take care when picking it up again.

  • Keep it clean

    Like most of us, pans don’t like thermal shock so let them cool down before soaking. Plunging a hot pan into cool water or under a cold tap can warp its shape, so give it a moment before going near the sink. This is especially important with induction pans.

    Hand washing pans in hot, soapy water with a soft sponge is the best way to clean them and will help prolong their lifespan, particularly as dishwasher detergents can be extremely corrosive on cookware. Make sure the outside and bottom of the pan get a good clean too.

    Take special care with glass lids, particularly when washing and storing. Always check the lid before use for damage such as hairline cracks, which can cause the tempered glass to shatter. It’s worth knowing that if the glass breaks, it’s designed to shatter downwards for safety.

  • Non-stick no nos

    Non-stick surfaces really don’t like being overheated. Extreme heat over a long period will damage the non-stick properties and reduce the pan’s lifespan, so lower the heat to a sensible temperature and enjoy great cooking results.

    We’ve all had a cooking concentration lapse that’s lead to a little burned-on food. Don’t sweat it; just soak the pan before giving it a gentle scrub with a soft sponge.

  • Shine on

    If, like us, you like your stainless steel to sparkle, you’ll be pleased to know there are easy ways to banish tarnishing. We recommend two products: Peek and Bar Keepers Friend to keep pans looking their best.

    Another neat trick is to use bicarbonate of soda, a magic, chemical-free way of cleaning up all around the house and excellent for shining up stainless steel pans.

  • Be smart with Ingenio

    Our versatile Ingenio range cares for cooking from hob to oven to table, and stacks like a pro to save you space. Show them love by always removing the handle while cooking, especially on a gas hob as flames can lick up and cause damage. It’s also safer to go handle-free on the hob to avoid accidental knocking or children reaching up to grab a handle.

    Take extra care when stacking and storing Ingenio by using pan protectors to guard against scuffs and scratches.

    There you have it – our top tips for cookware care. Pan-tastic!

Ingenio Versatility

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