Spring Kitchen - How to Really Clean Up

by Tefal Team on 17 April 2020
  • If you’re feeling better acquainted with your kitchen then ever before as you #stayhomestaysafe, show it some love with a proper spring overhaul. We’ve got the tips and tricks to tackle every inch with little fuss and a few basic cleaning essentials.

    Roll up your sleeves and pop on the Marigolds; it’s time to get stuck in!

  • Bring sparkle back to sinks and surfaces

    Surfaces are forever being wiped down but they’ll still benefit from de-cluttering and deep cleaning. Here’s how to handle all types of kitchen surface. When you’re ready to put things back in place, we love these tips for keeping counters organised.

    Don’t let grimy stainless steel give you a sinking feeling, transform your sink with this cheap and easy hack. Ceramic sink? Try this.

  • Overhaul the oven and microwave

    Baked on dirt can be soul-destroyingly difficult to get rid of but it doesn’t have to be that way. Cover the insides of your oven with homemade bicarb of soda paste for fantastic results at a fraction of the elbow grease.

    Make sprucing up the microwave an easy peasy lemon squeezy chore with this simple method. All you’ll need is a glass jug, a lemon and a clean cloth for a fresh and sparkling finish.

    While you’re at it, empty the toaster crumb tray – often overlooked but a satisfying quick-win in the kitchen cleaning steaks!

  • Do the dishwasher

    Even though dishwashers do nothing but clean, they still need a good clean every once in a while. From a daily quick spruce to monthly deep clean, here’s what to do to keep your dishwasher in tip top working order.

  • Freshen up the fridge

    When was the last time you emptied the fridge and investigated what’s lurking at the back of the shelves? Possibly only after a major spillage or when an unidentified pong got too much to bear? Yep, us too.

    It’s a job that needs doing at least a couple of times a year though and it’s really quite straightforward. Empty it and discard anything furry or past its use-by date, then give the inside a good clean before restocking it with a bit more order.

    Maintain that beautiful sparkle by keeping leftovers in proper food storage containers. Not only will the food last longer but the leak-proof seal means you won’t have to worry about, say, knocking over a bowl of beans or everything smelling of cheese.

  • Clear out cupboards

    Let’s be honest, this is the kitchen job we love to avoid because it’s easy to do just that. But clutter, grime and some seriously out of date produce is the reality of many kitchen cupboards so it’s a job worth doing.

    Taking it one cupboard at a time, empty everything and wipe the inside clean. Before you toss everything back in, check it’s worth keeping, wipe if sticky and replace. Organising cupboards is practically an art form for some so here’s how to do it like a boss.

  • Finish up with the floor…

    With everything spick and span, the only thing left to do is shine up the floor. How you go about it depends on what it’s made of so use this handy guide for cleaning any type of floor.

    And – voila – a kitchen worthy of an Instagram boast! We’re liking that…

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