Ace Your Spring Clean With These Room-By-Room Hacks

by Tefal Team on 05 March 2020
  • Not sure where to begin with this year’s spring overhaul? Clean up with our favourite cheap and easy ways to leave every room in the house spick and span.

  • Kitchen

    Bicarbonate of soda is your BFF for brilliant, bargain cleaning; it soaks up fridge food smells, makes dishwashers sparkle and gets to work on grimy ovens.

    Other kitchen basics work wonders too. Use vinegar to descale the kettle, and spruce up a stained chopping board by rubbing it with half a lemon and salt.

    If kitchen cupboards have become beyond chaotic, empty, clean and start again with these decluttering tips. Now might also be a good time to invest in space saving gear to help you wrestle back control.

  • Living/dining room

    It’s obvs but worth repeating: dust from top to bottom or you’ll end up wiping the same surfaces over and over. For door marks, follow queen of clean Mrs Hinch’s tip of a fabric softener and water mix. Bit bonkers but works a treat.

    Forget dry cleaning and tackle curtains with steam. A quick swipe with a garment steamer will freshen and smooth out droopy drapes. And for streak-free windows, add dishwasher rinse aid to the water.

    Don’t stress over dirty carpets. Use damp rubber gloves to brush up pet hair. Tackle carpet stains with an iron. That’s right, an iron. Deodorise carpets  with bicarb of soda (there it is again!)

  • Bedroom

    Make your bedroom the sanctuary/boudoir it should be with a few simple steps. Strip the bed down to the mattress and give it a freshen up with a bicarb (and again. Best buy that stuff in bulk…) and essential oil mix.

    Arrange your drawers like clutter-quitter Marie Kondo for a life changing way of organising clothes. While you’re at it, have a stab at a bit of de-cluttering KonMarie style.

    Add one of these DIY vacuum cleaner bag fragrances to spread lovely smells as you go – you know it makes scents (sorry).

  • Bathroom

    Whitening toothpaste and an old toothbrush is the tip you never knew you needed for grimy grout, while you can descale a showerhead with a bag of vinegar. Seriously. Here’s how to do it. Remember to remove the bag in the morning or you’re in for all kinds of vinegar explosion.

    Hands up if you can’t remember when you last cleaned your hairbrush. Hands up if you’ve never cleaned your hairbrush. Best get to it then.

    For that ultra-Instagramable finish, it’s back to Mrs Hinch to help overhaul the loo and shine up every surface.

  • Utility

    Washing machine not up to scratch? Banish bad odours and make off with mould by giving it a well-deserved deep clean.

    Whiffy bin? Make some cheap and easy deodorising disks or swill with detergent and rinse.

    Cleaners and solvents are a no-no on your iron; a soft damp cloth will do just fine. For more iron cleaning tips (or any of our products for that matter) hop over to our website and check out the FAQ section on the product page.

    And that, my friends, is how to give your home the clean sweep this spring.


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