How To Create A Spooky Halloween Party

by Tefal Team on 27 October 2016
  • If you love being scared and enjoy creepy things, there’s a good chance you’re looking forward to Halloween. October 31st is the perfect day to revel in your dark side and enjoy all things frightening.

    One great way to make the most of Halloween – whether you’re celebrating on the day or the weekend before – is to organise a monster mash at home. Halloween parties are great fun for all the family and give you the perfect opportunity for a few friendly scares.

    As well as dressing up for your party, you need to make sure you create the right atmosphere to ensure it is frighteningly good. Whether you’re having an adults only bash or inviting little monsters along, we’ve got some great ideas for creating a fun and fearsome Halloween party.

  • Set the scene

    It’s all well and good decorating the entirety of your house on the inside, but if there is nothing outside, it can ruin the effect slightly. Set the scene with external decorations that help get people into the Halloween mood.

    Putting Jack O’ lanterns outside or making fake headstones out of boxes can ensure everyone is in the mood for some scary delights when they knock on your door.

  • Spooky lighting

    One of the most important parts of creating a Halloween atmosphere is the lighting. You could have the scariest decorations around, but if you team them with bright lights, they won’t look quite as good.

    Try swapping your standard light bulbs for coloured ones to give your home a completely different look with minimal effort. Alternatively, bypass your typical lighting and use things like fairy lights or battery-powered candles – they are less of a fire hazard than real candles – to make the most of the shadows they cast.

  • Cover your walls

    It can be hard to create a spooky-looking environment for a Halloween party if people can see your floral wallpaper or brightly-coloured walls. This is why it is a good idea to cover any areas that take away from the feel of your party.

    You can do this with fake cobwebs – this works really well in narrow hallways – dark coloured tissue paper or even black bags. You won’t necessarily have to do this throughout your house, just stick to the main party areas.

  • Cordon off private areas

    If there are rooms or areas of your home that you don’t want people going into, make these part of your decoration. Use warning signs and caution tape to close these areas up so people can’t walk through, which will also increase the fright factor.

    Not only does this look great, it will ensure no one goes anywhere they shouldn’t, which is particularly important if children are attending your party.

  • Scary snacks

    You can’t really have a party without some food and drink to offer guests, which means you can flex your creative muscles to make some tasty Halloween treats. Things like creepy crawly cakes, finger sandwiches made to look like actual fingers and eyeball sweets are all great choices and will work well with the theme.

    You could also use the idea of trick or treat when it comes to the food you prepare. For example, try making cupcakes in two flavours – such as chocolate and chilli chocolate – so it’s hard to tell which is which until people start eating. Warn people of the risk with a scary sign and everyone is sure to have fun guessing which are the tricks and which are the treats.

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