How To Nail Spring Fashion

by Tefal Team on 28 April 2021
  • The temperature is rising and lockdown restrictions are lifting. Change out of cosy loungewear and rediscover favourite items pushed to the back of the wardrobe as you step out this spring. Here’s how to do it in style…

  • Love layers

    April has given us some warmer, sunnier days but double figures are by no means guaranteed. Layers, as always, are the best way to deal with the changeable weather. Cardies and jackets go without saying but there are other options this spring.

    A long sleeve T under a shirt or dress will give extra warmth, while the dress and trouser combo is an unlikely hit right now. Or channel the 80s with a ‘shrobe’ (that’s draping a coat or sweatshirt over the shoulders to you and me).

  • Happy colours

    Shed winter tones and add some bright colours to your outfit choices. Sunny yellow, sky blue, minty green and bubble gum pink have all been spotted on the (virtual) catwalks.

    Adding colour to your outfit can be a real mood booster and marks the change of season. What’s most important is what makes you smile – be that a bold red or a pastel hue.

  • Keep it loose

    Did you hear that skinny jeans are out? Do you care? Either way, wide leg trousers are all the rage, which is great news after months in comfy joggers. Oversized shirts are in too – spring fashion is looking very forgiving.

    Happily, many designers are embracing lockdown outfits and have incorporated luxe leisurewear into their collections this spring. So if you don’t want to change out of those joggers just yet, you’ll still be fashion forward.

  • Planet conscious style

    No matter the season, slow fashion is a trend we should all be embracing. But what’s it all about? The opposite of fast fashion, going slow includes choosing quality over passing fads, making considered purchases and caring for what you have. In the words of Vivienne Westward: buy less, choose well, make it last.

    Look after what’s in your wardrobe by checking labels for specific washing instructions, iron with care and make small repairs rather than throwing garments away.

    Washing less is also better for the environment so spot clean isolated stains, air clothes between wears and steam to freshen up and sanitise.

    Want to know more about sustainable fashion? Check out our blog.

  • Matching masks

    An accessory that’s here to stay is, of course, the facemask. As we get used to wearing them, we’re putting a bit more thought into our mask choices so is it time to start matching them to our outfits?

    Many designers have included matching masks in their spring/summer ‘21 collections and the huge selection of reusable masks on offer makes it doable. But if this is a trend you won’t be embracing, just remember that a little black number goes with everything.

    Flares on, fave sweater tied around shoulders, mask matched to outfit. Spring fashion, you’ve got this!

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