Glorious Soup: How To Pimp Your Broth

by Tefal Team on 28 January 2022
  • At this time of year, there’s nothing better to warm your belly like a bowl full of soup. If this speedy, versatile dish has become your winter staple, take things up a notch with these tasty ideas.

  • Next level flavour

    Soups can be ridiculously simple to make and are a great way of using up what’s in the fridge. But it’s worth a little extra effort to really elevate the flavour and enjoyment of that bowl of yumminess.

    Try something different and get your taste buds tingling with a mushroom stock. The deep, rich flavour is a great swap for beef stock; use it in any recipe that you fancy adding satisfying umami tones to.

    Skip dairy and try cashews for a wonderfully creamy texture. Just take a look at this velvety tomato and cashew soup – not a drop of milk or cream in sight. Check out these other cupboard staples that really raise the soup game.

  • Souper easy

    Chopping and popping ingredients in a pan is the accepted method for making soup. You can also set it up in a slow cooker for ease, like this yummy slow cooker chicken soup.

    Blenders are a must for a smooth finish; many a soup is transformed with a quick blitz before serving.

    But the ultimate bit of kit when it comes to stellar soup making is one specially designed for the task. Our soup maker gives fabulous results whether you want it smooth or chunky, and even cleans itself. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

  • Top it off

    Completing your soup with scrumptious toppings adds flavour and texture and makes it look restaurant quality to boot. The sky’s the limit here: garlicky croutons, crispy onions, toasted chickpeas, flavoured oils – we could go on. Check out this list of top topping instead.

    Ever wondered how to do those fancy swirls and patterns? All is revealed in this handy tutorial below. With a dash of cream and a humble toothpick, it couldn’t be simpler to boost your soup.

  • Serve up, serve with

    Bored of bowls? Try a mug instead. OK, you’ve done that already. But how about an edible bread bowl or a pumpkin terrine? That’s more like it.

    As for what to have on the side, try one of these delicious dishes. Smoked salmon bagels, crispy paneer pakoras, baked stuffed potatoes – there’s a mouth-watering selection to temp you away from buttered bread.

  • Kid friendly soups and toppings

    The beauty of soup is that there’s a texture and taste to suit every little one. Some will love chucky veg and noodle soups, others will prefer smooth and classic flavours.

    How you serve it can make all the difference. Crown with cheese and toast, use toppings to make playful patterns and a funny faces, or get creative with croutons. Involve the kids in making and garnishing and they’ll really relish it.

    We’re sure you’ll agree, soup season just got even tastier…

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