Pancake Your Way Through The Day

by Tefal Team on 20 February 2020
  • Make this a Pancake Day to remember by taking it up a notch. Don’t just go for a few lemon and sugary efforts after tea. Aim big, aim for a whole day of pancakes. Not sure you’re up to it? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how…

  • Breakfast bunch

    To start the day, you can’t go wrong with a stack of traditional pancakes. Top with classic lemon and sugar or choose any other topping that makes you happy like lashings of jam, fresh fruit, choccy spread – or a bit of everything.

    Now’s a good time to make Peppa Pig fans squeal with the perfect Peppa pancake. Wow them with those flipping skills à la Daddy Pig.

  • Mid-morning fun

    Elevenses, second breakfast, mid-morning munchies – whatever you call it, it’s a great moment for a pile of perfectly formed drop scones (or Scotch pancakes – again, whatever).

    Enjoy with a sweep of butter. And maybe just a drizzle of maple syrup. Oh, and a strip or two of crispy bacon. OK, OK, we’re getting carried away here.

  • Lunchtime crepes

    The middle of the day calls for some delicious savoury crepes. This uber list of fillings should keep you going well beyond Pancake Day. For a lighter alternative, try these fresh and spicy chickpea flour pancakes with salad chutney.

    Let’s not forget lunchboxes, people. Pack a yummy snack with these lunchbox pancake sandwiches.

  • Afternoon treats

    Perk up the afternoon with an American icon – fluffy buttermilk pancakes. Go classic with blueberries and syrup or try something different with these pineapple and banana pancakes topped with Greek yogurt and maple syrup.

    Buttermilk pancakes are easy to fry up in a pan and even easier to create in the Snack Collection!

  • Super pancake supper

    If you’ve been saving your pancake moment until the evening then revel in it with a pancake themed dinner. Start by going pancake crazy with bite size blinis before the main meal.

    Change things up from lunchtime’s savoury fillings with some super spinach pancakes or these oozy cheesy pancakes with ham and leeks. Or how about Peking duck pancakes – that counts, right?

    Room for more? Round things off with a high-stakes pancake art competition. Armed with a squeezy bottle of batter, there’s no knowing what you’ll create…

  • Flippin’ great pancake hacks

    Make your pancakes extra good with these genius tips:

    • Rest the batter for 20 minutes before cooking
    • Use a really good non-stick pan (we’ve got you covered here)
    • Fry pancakes in butter and Butter for golden finish, oil to stop the butter burning
    • When the edges start to crisp up, it’s time to flip. Follow these fool-proof flipping tips
    • Whether you need to swap out a key ingredient or just don’t have it to hand, try these substitutes.

    Happy Pancake Day!

Make delicious pancakes

Peppa Pig Pancake Pan

Pancakes here
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