Ditch Your Dull Breakfasts With These Tasty Bites

by Tefal Team on 16 April 2020
  • Move over morning monotony, it’s time to spice things up in the kitchen and breakfasts are long overdue an overhaul! We are creatures of habits and first thing in the morning when some of us are a little tired, and let’s be honest grouchy (you know who you are 😉) we tend to pick up the easiest thing we can find to quickly fill our morning hunger. That tends to be the same thing over, and over and over again! We are talking Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, month after month, year after year…. well, you get the point! Toast and cereal tend to be our go too, and let’s just finally admit it… it’s BORING! While we don’t have to contend with the morning commute and the gruelling school run you can invest your time in the kitchen. Give your tongue something to talk about with our list of mouth-watering, super dooper tasty breakfasts! Say goodbye morning monotony and hello to a badass breakfast time 🙌

  • Fancy it French?!

    If you want to go continental what could be better than gathering the whole family together for a morning cheese fondue?! (just kidding). However, the French do make a world-renowned very long roll, aka the French stick. Try this recipe from Mr. baby blues himself, Paul Hollywood, who is a man that knows his way around a French stick. The French are also pretty darn good with their pastries too, which happen to be absolutely perfect for breakfast. Try this croissant recipe, or this recipe for its superior cousin, the pain au chocolat (obviously because it has a chocolate filling!)

  • Bars you will love to lift

    We are a nation that loves our bars, in fact, we live and die by our bars (quite literally when the battered Mars bar was invented?!) But it’s 2020 so it’s time to put the snickers down and pick up some freshly baked, super healthy breakfast bars! Don’t feel disillusioned that they are healthy… trust us they can be tasty too! And we would know as we had the gruelling work of developing and taste testing, for our very own breakfast bar recipes for our fabulous Cake Factory! (it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!) We have got you covered for blueberry, chia seed and banana, cranberry and goji bars, and the list goes on! Nigella has been in the breakfast bar game longer than we have and has developed this dairy and sugar free recipe 2.0 which is also super tasty.

  • One-pan breakfast brilliance

    We would like to preface that the following recipes should all be cooked with a superior Tefal non-stick frying pan. Why must you ask?! Obviously, because we are the UK’s no.1 cookware brand 👏 Now that we have subtly plugged our amazing frying pans check out all of these amazing recipes that can be cooked in one pan! Think of all the washing up you won’t have to do… or now school is out, the kids won’t have to do 😉 First up to try is this one-pan veggie English breakfast… what a treat! Postpone your conference calls and cook this one-pan all-day breakfast recipe, trust us, it’s worth it. How about some breakfast hash? Now we are talking the legal kind you can whip up in your kitchen, like this mouth-watering recipe by Nigel Slater. And if you are looking for that wow factor how about a spinach and mushroom, gnocchi frittata?

  • Pimp your porridge

    Could there be a more British breakfast than the humble bowl of porridge? (Well perhaps the full English breakfast but we have covered that!) It’s time to take your porridge seriously and give it the respect it deserves! Set aside juvenile notions of a little milk and a dollop of jam… it’s time to step up to the plate, or rather the bowl and start giving your porridge what it deserves and that’s some flavour! This very berry recipe is full of fruity flavour, and this porridge recipe has goji and raspberry to wake your taste buds up. Perhaps you like it peachy with this cardamom and peach recipe. And it would be criminal to miss out a chocolate porridge recipe for all of those chocolate lovers out there. But it’s not just about the beloved oat, quinoa is the not so new kid in town and is making a play for breakfast too. Try this quinoa porridge recipe made with coconut milk or this one with maple syrup and walnuts.

  • Boujee breakfast burrito

    The breakfast burrito has been making a name for itself on the breakfast scene in recent years, and we can confidently say that it is not all hype. The breakfast burrito truly deserves all of the love and respect that one can muster for a worthy breakfast contender. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and roll yourselves a breakfast sensation with this game-changer. Start strong with this recipe that contains hash browns, eggs and hot sauce. This recipe is essentially a full English in a wrap, how convenient! If wholemeal wholesomeness is your thing then this wholemeal breakfast burrito wrap which skips the bacon is for you. There is even a vegan version which uses scrambled tofu to try too.  


    Ok, we feel that a pretty strong list of tasty breakfast alternatives to get you started. We hope we have inspired to your leave the cereal in the box and give one of these scrumptious recipes a try and become a breakfast time badass!

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