Get A Load Of These Flippin’ Pancakes!

by Tefal Team on 09 February 2021

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  • Lemon and sugar pancakes are great and all, but with these mouth-watering marvels you might just want to expand your menu this Pancake Day…

  • Sweet things

    Start your day off with a stack of these apple pancakes. Or switch the Greek yogurt and toffee sauce topping for vanilla ice cream and maple syrup to turn them into a perfect pud later on.

    If you’re after indulgent chocolate pancakes then these cocoa and chocolate chip wonders drizzled with chocolate ganache tick all the boxes. They’re also ready in less than 30 minutes so what are you waiting for?

    Need them to be dairy-free? These banana pancakes with blueberries and pecans are packed with flavour and will go down a treat.

  • Savoury favourites

    Pancakes make a perfect lunchtime snack. Try socca (a classic street food chickpea pancake from Nice on the Côte D’Azur) loaded with roasted peppers and avocado. Delish!

    Who said quesadillas had to be made with tortillas? Bend the rules for a scrummy take on the popular Mexican snack with pancakes, cheese and chilli beans.

    Posh up your plate with these fancy looking but simple to make smoked salmon rolls. Like a savoury pancake version of a jam roly-poly, they make great party food – we are celebrating Pancake Day after all.

  • Fun for everyone

    One of the best things about pancakes is that making them is as much fun as eating them. How high you can flip them is the standard challenge and now pancake art lets us unleash our inner artist with some food dye and a squirty bottle.

    If you’re new to pancake art or like a little help with your culinary creativity, check out our range of pancake pans with easy to follow outlines and a brilliantly non-stick surface for easy flipping. You can create your own Peppa Pig, Dinosaur, Daushaund, Unicorn and Squirrel!

  • Weird and wonderful

    Want to try something completely different? They may not be traditional Pancake Day pancakes, but these light and fluffy doughnut-looking delights are a Danish version of our favourite sweet batter treat. Try Paul Hollywood’s aebleskiver recipe and be converted.

    Whether or not you’ve spotted sky-high Japanese pancakes on Insta, now’s the time to give them a go. These tall and super fluffy numbers are pretty straightforward to make when you know how; follow this recipe for top results.

    Or why not serve up pancakes with dinner? These roti jala (or lace crepes) are fun to make and a delicious alternative to naan or chapatti with a curry.

    Of course, if Pancake Day isn’t Pancake Day for you without a classic lemon and sugar topped offering, then fire up a good non-stick pan and get going with this foolproof, best-ever recipe.

    Happy flippin’ Pancake Day!

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