A piece of (pan)cake!

by Tefal Team on 22 January 2020
  • Hurrah – introducing the new Tefal Peppa Pig Pancake Pan!

    ***BUY HERE!***

    Exclusive to ASDA this Pancake Day, our special edition 25cm pancake pan has an outline of Peppa Pig that decorates each pancake. It also features a fun graphic of Peppa flipping pancakes and comes with a handy squeezy bottle to help create your masterpiece.

    For yummy results, the pan includes Thermo-Spot, our unique heat indicator that turns solid red when the pan is ready for action. The durable non-stick coating makes pancake prep a doddle, especially if you want to flip them. 1,2, 3 – hoopla!

  • A piece of (pan)cake!

    Making Peppa Pig pancakes is easy with our new pan. First, mix up some batter with help from your little piggies. Fill the squeezy bottle with the pancake mix and follow the printed outline of Peppa’s face. Let it cook for a moment, then fill in the gaps with more batter and carry on cooking until it’s ready to flip.

    According to Daddy Pig, the secret of making a good pancake is to flip it high into the air. But we all know how that ends up so instead of the ceiling, we’ll be sticking to Mummy Pig’s more sensible method. Or using a trusty spatula.

    Make Pancake Day extra special this year with help from Peppa. But why wait? Any day is a perfect day ‘cause everyone loves pancakes! Mmm dee-licious.

    The Peppa Pig Pancake Pan is available now and exclusive to ASDA.

Make delicious pancakes

Peppa Pig Pancake Pan

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