A guy's guide to Valentines

by Tefal Team on 06 February 2020
  • A guy’s guide to Valentine’s

    OK fellas, it’s time to go all out and wow your date with a show stopping Valentine’s feast. If that sounds like more of a panic than a picnic – how about some help?

    We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Look like you’ve spared no effort (when in fact you’ve spared quite a lot) and melt your loved one’s heart with these super easy recipes straight from the grill. We wont tell if you don’t 😉

  • Food to fall in love with

    Juicy steak’s  a great choice but you’re already a pro at that. So serve up some alternative restaurant quality nosh in the form of these chipotle pineapple pork chops instead.

    Spice things up even more with honey hoisin chicken or this ridiculously quick and easy (but no less impressive) Japanese noodle soup.  Soup? Grill? Just check it out and you’ll see.

    For a showy fish dish, knock their socks off with these monkfish skewers or tiger prawns with saffron mayo.

  • Bowl them over burgers

    Just ‘cause they’re burgers don’t mean they ain’t fancy! Try these posh red wine and beef burgers or win your loved-one over with these heavenly tikka turkey burgers.

    Cook up a meat-free masterpiece with these veggie mushroom burgers. Or design your own best-ever burger here.

    Time not on your side on tonight? The OptiGrill’s got your back. Cook burgers straight from the freezer with the defrost setting and you’re good to go.

  • It’s a love wrap

    Forget the cutlery and let your fingers do the feeding. We reckon these smoky grilled pork tacos will hit the spot, as will these light and tasty chicken shawarmas.

    Packed with veggies and beautifully charred halloumi, these wraps are oozing with a zingy yogurt, lemon and coriander dressing. And for the ultimate wrap feast, it has to be these fully loaded fajitas

  • Sweets for your sweetheart

    Grilled dessert? Oh go on then! You won’t believe how easy it is to knock out these finger-licking churros with chocolate sauce

    Or for something a little more fruity (ahem) try these insanely good chocolate stuffed grilled bananas or these mouth watering grilled cinnamon apples.

    That’s the food plans sorted. While you’re on a roll, check out some other do’s and don’ts for Valentine’s Day. Lads, you’ve got this (fist pump emoji).

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