Ace Your Wardrobe Switch This Year

by Tefal Team on 10 October 2019
  • Are you a regular wardrobe switcher, or a total first timer? It doesn’t matter, we’ve got the tips and hacks to help you nail it.  First up, don’t panic. This ain’t no arduous task; it’s a chance to clean up, clear out and welcome back all your favourite winter knits.

    Are you with us? Let’s go…

  • Why bother?

    It’s soooo much better. No more fighting through the flimsy summer wear that’s far too cold to contemplate to find the awesome cosy stuff– yay!

    It’s a great time to see what fits and what you still like wearing. It’s also a chance to rediscover items you forgot you owned from the depths of your drawers. And to reunite long-separated socks, obvs.

    Do your seasonal switchover when the temperature starts to dip. These days there can be a few false starts throughout autumn, not that we’re complaining.

  • Pack up summer

    Take all of the true summer clothes out from your cupboard/drawers/washing basket/floordrobe and put everything on your bed.

    Now go through the pile. Check if there’s anything you don’t want, haven’t worn in years or no longer fits and set it aside for donation. Make sure all you’re keeping is clean, ironed and ready to be stored away.

    Fold and stash it, preferably in vacuum bags to maximise space. Pop in a drier sheet to help keep things fresh. And add a label to prevent much head scratching when you come across it in a few months’ time.

  • Show your cupboard some love

    Life’s too short to hoover your wardrobe, we hear you. But. This is your chance to make sure no garment-destroying moth larvae have taken up residence. And to get rid of any musty smells you hadn’t realised were there.

    So while your cupboards and drawers are empty, channel your inner Mrs Hinch. Snap on some Marigolds, vacuum, and then wipe down surfaces with a spray of disinfectant and a damp cloth.

    If you really hit your cleaning groove, you might start lining drawers with scented paper. Or documenting your progress on social media. Time to have a quiet word with yourself.

  • Welcome in winter clobber

    With your cupboards sparkling, it’s time to restock them with all your winter essentials. If you stored away chunky knits, thermals and all in spring, unpack them and inspect.

    Go through every item to check for moths. Pick out anything that needs a quick fix, like a missing button or a frayed hem. Giving garments a steam before putting them away will freshen them up ready for wear.

    Want to get geeky about folding? Take tips from queen of tidy, Marie Kondo.

  • Head to toe

    Don’t stop with clothes – shoes and hats also benefit from a seasonal switch. As sad as it feels to pack away flip flips and sandals, your shoe space will look a lot less chaotic with only winter footwear on show.

    And unless you’re a die-hard hat fan, swapping sunhats for woolly beanies (or perhaps a natty deerstalker?) will be the easiest part of this whole process.

    If you’ve never swapped over your seasonal clobber before, we hope these tips inspire you. And if you’re a seasonal wardrobe switching pro, we salute you.

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