The Egg Timer: Which Eggs To Eat When

by Tefal Team on 10 October 2018
  • Eggs are the answer to everything. Don’t know what to have for breakfast? Have an egg. Home late after a night shift and the cupboards are bare? Have an egg. Trying to impress a new partner with your culinary skills? Egg it up.

    They’re also incredibly nutritious too, with plenty of proteins, vitamins and minerals packed inside. There’s so many things you can do with an egg, it’s hard to know where to start, but it’s time you made better use of the outstanding oeuf and stopped just scrambling it.

  • Solid breakfast staple: Poached eggs

    Poached eggs are the cornerstone of any good breakfast. You can add an English muffin, with spinach, salmon or ham and hollandaise sauce to make eggs florentine, royale or benedict, pop them on top of avo on toast or some grilled asparagus. But it’s amazing how many people can’t get the humble poached egg right.

    There are several important things to get right when poaching an egg – from adding vinegar to swirling a vortex in the pan. Read Downshiftology’s tips and watch her video to help you get it right every time.

  • When you want to impress: Cloud eggs

    There’s no doubt about it, cloud eggs look impressive. With their fluffy egg whites contrasted against a sunny yellow yolk, they look awesome. They’re a bit of a faff to be honest, but with the clocks going back this month, you’ve got an extra hour to whip egg whites and shave parmesan.

    To make the perfect cloud eggs to secure a love interest or gain favour with the in-laws, try this recipe from Headbanger’s Kitchen. Just don’t forget to style it out and upload a pic to Instagram before you demolish them in one bite.

  • Lunchtime classic: Frittata

    You could make a quiche, but going for a frittata means you get pretty much the same effect, but without the hassle of making pastry. Once you’ve got the basic method down, you can mix up your flavour combinations and bake different frittatas for every day of the week.

    Start off with the Last Food Blog’s tomato and goat’s cheese frittata for a tangy option. She adds spinach and potato for added flavour and to make it a more filling option. You’ll need a good non stick pan to ensure you can turn your frittata out in one piece when it’s cooked.

  • Ultimate snack: Scotch egg

    Snack foods can be a bit disappointing, but the mighty Scotch egg has it all. Meat, egg and a delicious crumb coating keeping everything inside. You can make a batch and take one to work or stick it in your pocket to enjoy on a long walk. Either way, don’t be tempted to buy premade ones as making them yourself is easy and much more rewarding.

    Follow On The Plate’s recipe for Sriracha Scotch eggs if you like a bit of a kick with your afternoon snack. Chefy types will tell you that the middle of a Scotch egg needs to be runny, but you can choose for yourself.

  • To spice things up a bit: Huevos rancheros

    While Mexicans might eat ‘rancher’s eggs’ for breakfast, this spicy dish can also be enjoyed later on in the day. The eggs are cooked in a thick tomato sauce and usually served on refried beans and tortillas.

    Lexi’s Clean Kitchen shows you how to make everything from scratch, although you can cut a few corners with shop-bought refried beans. As with most Mexican dishes, the beauty is in all the added extras. So slice some avocado, cool off with sour cream and add some cheese if you’re feeling decadent.

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