5 OptiGrill Recipes You Must Try!

by Tefal Team on 15 July 2016
  • Come rain, come sunshine you don’t have to fret concerning enjoying some deliciously grilled food when you have an OptiGrill at the ready. Not only is the OptiGrill perfect for dinner irrespective of our wonderful British weather, it’s also perfect no matter your guest’s eating preference. At the simple push of a button choose from rare to well done with ease. And because we want you to know that the OptiGrill can do way more than just steak, we’ve pulled together this list of great recipes you must try:

    • Healthy Nandos Recipe

      Winner, winner Chicken dinner! Who doesn’t love a cheeky Nando’s? How about a cheeky one in the comfort of your home, which isn’t simply a delight to your taste buds but loving to your waistline? Bexx Hillman can show you how to whip up a fresh and healthy peri peri, which no longer has to be related to a ‘cheat meal’.

    • Chickado Naked Burgers

      Amanda Bootes takes grilled burgers to a whole new level. Using moist ground chicken, which is not only seasoned to perfection but paired with creamy, soft avocado she has created a gorgeous burger full of goodness. This is assured to become a favourite in your household!

    • Warm chipotle salad

      In the warmer seasons we tend to ditch the carbs that bring us comfort in the winter and call for the hot flavours on our meat, which we enjoy with veg or salads. With that in mind we have to get you to try Food & Fitness Always’ warm chipotle salad. With a total cooking time of 35 mins using the OptiGrill this hearty yet fresh salad will leave you asking for seconds.

    • Two minute avocado & bacon on toast

      Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the OptiGrill is an appliance for any and every meal. But seeing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, here is a delightful recipe from Keep it SimpElle. For those of you that often run out the door without any brekky Elle’s two­ minute avocado and bacon toast is sure to become your go to meal. Use your OptiGrill not only to grill your bacon but to toast your bread too!

    • Grilled halloumi & charred veg wrap

      Fancy something with a Mediterranean vibe? Then you must try Shivaay Delights recipe. Using fresh produce thrown together, her grilled halloumi and charred vegetables flatbread wrap is a perfect meal for a warm summers evening. This dish will be ready from your OptiGrill to your plate in next to no time. Go on, experience the flavour of the warmer climates from your front room.

  • What do you make in your OptiGrill?

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