Ingenio Takes 1st Place In Indy Best Buy!

by Tefal Team on 16 June 2020
  • Our wonderful and smart looking stainless steel Ingenio Emotion range came out number one in the recent Indy best buy review for cookware! (does victory dance 👯‍♂️) Ingenio got a shout out for some of its unique benefits like it’s amazing space-saving formfactor which is all thanks to its clever design whereby the pans nest inside each other and it comes with removable handles and stackable lids. All of this allows for up to 50% space saving! Let’s be honest we could all do with a bit more cupboard space. Retrieving a pan can sometimes feel like a dangerous game of Jenga as our cupboards can be so full to the brim, that one wrong move and the whole lot comes toppling out!

  • Ingenio Emotion’s versatility was also celebrated like the ability to bung them in the oven up to 260 oC which is super handy because you can start cooking your meal on the hob and then finish it off in the oven. And if you have leftovers you can put one of the hermetic lids on the pot and stick it in the fridge for those mid-morning munchies the next day 😉

  • Of course, we can’t forget one of the most pleasing features… they are dishwasher safe! What a treat because who wants to spend time washing up when you could be partaking in a vigorous debate about why number 3 didn’t come outside to clap on Thursdays, making Tik-Toks (apparently even granny’s are Tik-Toking in lockdown) or just putting your feet up!

  • Here’s another reason I bet you didn’t realise you needed Ingenio for… GIANT COOKIES! That’s right giant cookies are a thing and you can make one of these super-cookies in your Ingenio pans. Melt the butter in the pan and then mix the rest of the ingredients directly into the pan, then simply pop it in the oven for chewy chocolatey goodness. And if you’re in a savoury mood a tasty homemade burger might hit the spot or even a creamy green vegetable risotto.

    So, if you fancy yourself some chef-worthy, space-saving, super versatile, long-lasting pans then grab yourself an Ingenio set!

Ingenio Removable Handles

Cook straight from the hob to the oven

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