Big News – We’re The UK’s Non-Stick Champions!

by Tefal Team on 01 October 2020
  • What’s this, there’s a non-stick challenge? Yep, there is and we’ve only gone and won it.

    Our mission is for our non-stick pans to be the very best so we’re constantly testing and innovating. And now our most advanced non-stick coating has seen off the competition to become the UK’s longest lasting. We couldn’t be prouder.

  • The good non-stick checklist

    So just what makes a good non-stick pan good? Above all it shouldn’t, well, stick. Obviously. But it’s much more than that.

    Food should glide effortlessly off the pan with taste and texture beautifully preserved. It must be easily wipe-cleanable and needs to stand up to regular use and cleaning. It also shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s what we’re talking about.

  • Testing, testing

    To prove which non-stick coating does a top job products are put through the Scotch Brite Abrasion Test. The what now? It’s a rigorous test devised to measure just how long a pan’s non-stick coating lasts when put through its paces.

    Our toughest non-stick coating yet was tested against the top 10 best selling products from other well-known brands* – and we came out on top! That means our pans retain their non-stick properties the longest.

    In fact, we’re talking years of intensive use for our pans, right the way from those pans with “Titanium Pro” non-stick, “Titanium Excellence” non-stick and now our latest and greatest innovation “Titanium Anti-Scratch” non-stick. ALL rated as having a the UK’s Longest Lasting Non-Stick – wowzers!

  • Good for you, good for the planet too

    All our non-stick coatings are made with PTFE, a European and international public health authority approved material that’s 100% safe for food use. That means absolutely no nasties like lead, cadmium or PFOA.

    We’re introducing an updated logo on our new pan launches going forward to make it clearer than ever to see just how safe our products are. Here’s a preview for you!

    And so you know what’s what, all our products are fully traceable. Should you want to find out what raw materials a pan is made from, where it was manufactured and how it got from A to B, you can.

  • You be the judge

    So how can you test out our best-ever non-stick coating? We’re pleased to say it’s already a feature of many of our pans available to buy now. Check these out:

    If that wasn’t exciting enough, we have three sleek new ranges ready for launch very soon that all boast this super impressive coating. Here’s a sneak preview just for you:

    First up, there’s our new Tefal Unlimited & UnlimitedON pans (available very soon!) featuring our best-ever non-stick… including anti-scratch technology. There are also two new and exclusive ranges developed with Jamie Oliver: the Jamie Oliver by Tefal Cook’s Classic Hard Anodised and the Jamie Oliver by Tefal Cook’s Direct.

    More on those soon but for now we’re off to flip some celebratory pancakes – and we know just the pan to use!

    *Among non-stick aluminium pans v. top 10 competitors’ bestsellers, in volumes, based on abrasion test, independent data 2018.

Our Best Ever Non-Stick

Try Our Titanium Excel All-In-One Square Pan

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