GHI’s Top Budget Iron! Tefal Ultraglide Anti-Scale

by Tefal Team on 04 June 2020
  • The Good Housekeeping Institute has tested budget irons and found the best iron that you can buy for your bucks. And who came out on top I hear you ask? The Tefal Ultraglide AntiScale FV2662 steam iron of course! 😉 We do love it when our cheerfully cheap irons receive the love and respect, they deserve! The Ultraglide AntiScale iron received a whopping 86/100! Now that’s something to celebrate.

  • The Ultraglide Anti-Scale Iron was described as ‘powerful and responsive’ and this is probably thanks to the fact that it delivers a 150g/min steam shot deep into fabrics at speed, allowing it to remove even the most stubborn creases with ease for outstanding ironing results every time!

    And the anti-scale collector was also praised too, making this iron a great choice for those living in hard water areas. Our patented removable Scale Collector captures up to 10x more scale particles preventing blockages and maintaining long-lasting steam power for effortless crease removal, day after day.

  • The Ultraglide AntiScale makes ironing a breeze thanks to the new Durilium Air glide soleplate which has 33% more glide* than other Tefal soleplates making ironing quick and effortless! So, what’s not to love?!  And another fab perk is that this soleplate is also scratch-resistant ensuring it has an effortless glide that lasts!

    *+33% compared to previous Durilium generation – internal test

    So if you would like to keep your clothes looking fresh for your lockdown looks and Zoom calls grab yourself a bargain and get your hands on one of these! And if black isn’t your colour check this white and purple version.

Ultraglide Anti-Scale FV2662

The easiest glide for effortless ironing

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