Summer Wedding Fashion: Ultimate Guide

by Tefal Team on 04 June 2018
  • Pretty much the whole country has got a huge case of wedding fever this summer thanks to the Royal Wedding. Speculation was rife for weeks about everything from who would give the new Duchess of Sussex away, to would Kate make an appearance so soon after the birth of little Prince Louis and – most importantly of all – what would Meghan wear?!

    The answer: a stunningly simple yet timeless gown designed by Clare Waight Keller of fashion house Givenchy, with a 16-foot long veil decorated with 53 intricate lace flowers, representing all the countries of the Commonwealth.

  • We like to think a Tefal Garment Steamer helped make sure Meg was crease-free on the day (let us dream, okay?), keeping that dress looking lusciously smooth all-day long under the eyes of the world.

    So, you’re going to channel WWMD (what would Meghan do?) and wear the same to all the summer weddings you’ve been invited to, right? Maybe not. But you should definitely get yourself a Garment Steamer so you’re guaranteed to look immaculate in the wedding album despite your long journey to get to the venue. Why can’t anyone just get married close to home?! Why is it always the other end of the country, or somewhere abroad?!

    But what should you wear? Well, why not take a look at some of Harry and Meg’s wedding guests for some outfit inspo?

  • A smart, timeless suit

    Men don’t really have as many options as women when it comes to wedding-wear. It’s a suit, isn’t it? Perhaps with a kilt, maybe with a top hat, sometimes with a waistcoat, or even a kravat; but ultimately, it’s a jacket, shirt, tie, trousers and shoes.

    Of course, this means you can buy just one really good suit in a classic black, navy, subtle pinstripe or grey and wear it to every formal occasion, switching up your pocket square, tie and corsage each time.

  • Just make sure you never travel to a formal do without your Garment Steamer – if your suit looks creased, everyone will be looking at you for all the wrong reasons. Not because your suit’s making you look irresistible.

    Of course, if you have a uniform that would be suitable for the occasion, like Prince Harry, you should absolutely wear it. Everyone loves a man in uniform.

  • Bold bright colours a la Amal

    Amal Clooney, barrister and other half of some bloke called George, had one of the most popular get-ups at the Royal Wedding, an eye-catching mustard yellow dress and matching hat (of an appropriate size, not the kind you’d be cursing at if you ended up sat behind it in the church).

    The outfit’s style was classic, but the colour was bold, and that’s what made it memorable. You’ll definitely be able to spot yourself in those group wedding pics if you’re dressed brighter than literally everybody else.

  • That’s what The Queen always does, and she certainly channelled that at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, wearing neon green and purple. Oh Lizzie, never change.

  • Posh Spice black

    They say you should never wear white to a wedding, but what about black? Posh Spice went to the Royal Wedding dressed as Posh Spice in a black dress and hat that would have looked just fine at a funeral too.

    Black’s fine for a man’s suit, but it wouldn’t be teamed with a black tie, would it? So we’d advise women to steer clear of all black too. Team a black dress with a pastel-coloured jacket, or a black skirt with a bright top. You are not Posh Spice. You are allowed to smile.

  • Something old, like Kate

    One way to make sure you don’t upstage the bride is to wear something you’ve worn before, which is exactly what the Duchess of Cambridge did. After all, everyone’s eyes were on her too, but by recycling an old favourite outfit, the attention rightly remained firmly on Meghan.

  • Kate went for a cream number she’s worn several other times, which meant she didn’t have to drag three kids around the shops and she knew it’d look alright. That to us sounds like a pretty decent way to take away stress and make sure you’re comfortable on the day.

    Maybe just do your hair a bit different or try different shoes and accessories. Also, remember everyone’s looking at the bride, not you! And if Kate doesn’t give a stuff about wearing the same thing twice, neither should you.

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