You've Been Doing Your Ironing Wrong!

by Tefal Team on 22 August 2017
  • As much as you might wish there was a magic machine that did all your ironing without you having to lift a finger, this is far from the case. We still have to put the hard work in to get the creases out, which can be made more difficult if you haven’t got the best ironing technique.

    While having the right iron is an important part of crease-free clothes and cutting down the amount of time it takes to get through your ironing pile, it is far from the only factor you need to consider. There are a number of tricks and tips you should make use of to ensure you can iron clothes quickly and efficiently, allowing you to spend more time doing anything else.

    Here are some of the best ways to work through everything that needs ironing and to make sure you get the best results:

  • Cool to hot

    Ironing clothes in a random order can mean you’re constantly adjusting the temperature of your iron, which means the whole process can take a lot longer. While the idea of sorting through clothes before you even turn the iron on may seem tedious, it can help you plough through that pile and be done before you know it.

    Organise your clothes from cool to hot so you can slowly turn up the heat on your iron as you go and aren’t left waiting for it cool down in order to iron your last shirt. You’ll be surprised how much time this can save.

  • Say no to circles

    Using circular strokes to iron your clothes is a sure-fire way to stretch them out and ruin the fit – which no one wants. You should always iron in long strokes lengthways as this will avoid stretching the fabric and better move through creases.

  • Steam is your best friend

  • What’s the point in having a steam iron if you aren’t going to make the most of steam? Not only is it the case that particularly tough creases can be powered through if you whack up the steam, it’s the steam that makes all aspects of ironing easier.

    Ironing fabrics that are too dry will mean you have a tougher job running your iron over them and getting good results. Using steam and your iron’s spray feature helps to relax the fabric, which means creases need less work to vanish. Increasing the steam can make all the difference to clothing that looks like it’s been bundled into a ball for months.

  • A clean iron is a good iron

    Yes, we know you probably do enough cleaning in your household as it is, but we’re going to add your iron to your list too. When your iron gets dirty, it is harder to move it smoothly over fabrics, which means it can snag. If it’s particularly dirty, it can even leave stains, which totally undermines the point of doing laundry in the first place.

    Give it a good clean when it’s cold and leave it a few minutes to burn off any cleaning fluid residue when you next turn it on to ensure it doesn’t mark your clothes. It’s also a good idea to remember to steer clear of bleach when cleaning your iron!

  • Descale your iron

  • Over time limescale can build up inside your iron, especially if you live in a hard water area. This can result in your iron generating less steam so it doesn’t bust those creases as well. On top of this, it can leave your clothes stained and mean your iron doesn’t last as long as it should.

    Avoiding leaving water in your iron between uses and using cooled boiled water can cut down on limescale, but you should still get into the habit of descaling it on a regular basis. Different irons are descaled in different ways, so check your instructions to find the best method for yours.

    Of course, if you’re using a steam iron or high-pressure steam generator from our anti-scale range, you don’t need to go through a big descaling process, thanks to our unique removable scale collector. All you need to do is take out the scale collector, tip the limescale away and pop it back in and you’re good to go!

  • Even the best iron needs a good board

    Of course, there’s no point in having the best iron in the world if your ironing board is old, dirty and barely able to stay standing. If your ironing board is on its last legs or if the cover is in desperate need of some TLC – or at least a hot wash – you might want to consider getting a new one.

    You’ll be surprised how much easier a good board can make your ironing, plus you won’t need to spend half an hour wrestling to put it up before you even get on to dealing with your laundry!

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