4 Reasons a Steam Iron is Your Best Friend

by Tefal Team on 22 March 2017
  • No one ever really wants to think about the pile of ironing they have to get through, let alone why you need to do more than grab the cheapest option when it comes to buying an iron. However, putting at least a bit of thought into purchasing an iron could actually save you time by allowing you to get through that pile of clothes much quicker so you can get on with more enjoyable things.

    While there are a few different things you need to consider when picking out an iron, one of the most important things you want to think about is steam. It doesn’t matter if you buy the latest all-in-one iron that plays the radio, lights up and acts as a universal remote; if it doesn’t produce enough steam, it won’t get the ironing done.

    Heat may be a big player in the world of crease-busting, but steam is the real secret weapon to leaving every item crisp and clean. It’s also the thing that means you get to spend less time ironing, which – let’s face it – is the dream.

    So why exactly is steam your best friend when it comes to ironing and what makes Tefal’s irons your best option?

  • You'll have more time for literally anything else

    Whether you save all your ironing to do in one go or try to keep the pile to a minimum by getting rid of creases after each wash, we all know that ironing can feel like it takes forever. Even simple items of clothing can be a nightmare, while larger things like dresses can seemingly take hours.

    Using an iron with plenty of steam, though, will cut your ironing time in half, if not reduce it even more. The more steam your iron produces, the more layers of fabric it can iron all at once, meaning you don’t need to go over the same trouser leg repeatedly.

    Our high-pressure steam generator irons produce pressurised steam gives you the power and steam to penetrate through fabrics. This can mean you don’t need to turn clothing over to iron the other side as they are so effective which will save you plenty of time.

  • Can't iron it directly? No problem!

    So you’ve bought that perfect outfit that you feel amazing it and that you enjoy wearing for special occasions. There’s just one problem – you can’t iron it directly. Clothing that you need to have steamed always seems to crease easily, while things like curtains never end up getting steamed in the first place.

    While you might have tried the trick of hanging a suit in your steamy bathroom after a shower to de-crease it, this doesn’t always work. However, if you have an iron that creates a lot of steam, it can double as a steamer so you can still use it on things that can’t be directly ironed.

    We offer a great selection of irons that produce high levels of steam that can effectively double as a steamer. This means you don’t need to find somewhere to hang your suit in the bathroom, pay for it to be steamed professionally or deal with hard-to-fix creases on delicate clothing.

  • More crease-busting power

    Have you ever had to iron over a single item of clothing repeatedly to try and get out the creases and still not be totally happy with the result? There’s nothing worse than putting in loads of time to try and make something crease-free only to still be able to see faint lines across it – even if no one else notices.

    Irons with more steam make short work of even the toughest creases, so not only do you not need to go over the same area several times, it will probably be perfect after a single quick run over. This is ideal if you have delicate shirts or numerous school uniforms to get through, especially as it will leave you less likely to throw your iron due to frustration.

  • No more ironing arm ache

    If you want the iron that produces the most steam, a steam generator or high pressure steam generator iron will be your new best friend. Unlike traditional steam irons that you need to fill with water – and sometimes refill with water part way through your laundry pile – these have a separate water container.

    Not only does this mean you can go longer between water refills, you also don’t need to deal with the weight of the water when you’re ironing. This makes the whole process much easier and ensures you don’t end up with an achey arm after you finally get through the ironing pile.

    You might think that having the two parts of the iron is a bit cumbersome, but when you consider the extra power and the benefit of not having to deal with excess weight, it’s not a bad trade-off to make.

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