Why You Should Make More Time For Breakfast

by Tefal Team on 02 August 2016
  • How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Chances are, you had this phrase ingrained in you by your mum or nan when you were younger – and if you have kids you probably do the same to them – and yet, most of us don’t make time for a good brekkie.

    Whether you’re rushing off to the office, hurrying to get the kids to school or just generally being too busy, it has become second nature to grab an unhealthy breakfast on the go or to skip the meal altogether. Neither of these options is the best choice, even if you have a big lunch to make up for the lack of breakfast.

    So exactly why should you make time for a better brekkie?

  • Helps balance your diet

    This may not be the most interesting reason, but breakfast is a really important part of balancing your diet. You need to get enough essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients during a day to keep your body healthy, and breakfast can help with this.

    Ensuring a balanced diet is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, feeding your immune system and fighting off exhaustion. If you have children, their breakfast is even more important, as they need a healthy diet to help them grow.

    Skipping breakfast – or just grabbing a muffin – could also make you put on weight too as you’ll be more likely to reach for high-calorie foods when it comes to snacks and other meals in order to give you a boost.

  • Better concentration

    Whether you’re at work or in the classroom, there’s nothing worse than a wandering mind, which is what you’ll get if you don’t make time for breakfast!

    Skipping your meal or having a rubbish brekkie will leave you unable to concentrate and feeling lethargic, which isn’t ideal if you have things to do. This could mean you end up having to rely on other unhealthy things to keep yourself going until lunch, such as too many cups or coffee or chocolate bars.

    When it comes to kids, not getting a good breakfast could mean you get more letters home from school about bad behaviour, as they’ll be less likely to concentrate on their lessons.

  • More time with the family

    Making extra time in the morning for everyone in your family to sit down and enjoy a proper breakfast also means you get more time with your partner and children. This is a great way to bond and structure your day, rather than rushing everyone out the door as quickly as possible.

    Even if you live on your own, sitting down to breakfast instead of grabbing it on the go can mean you feel more ready to face the day. In fact, it could mean you’re more relaxed and won’t get so easily stressed throughout the day, which is good for your health and general wellbeing.

    Don’t believe us? Why not try a different breakfast routine and see how easily it changes your day for the better?

Art of Breakfast

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