Try These TikTok Breakfast Trends!

by Tefal Team on 26 July 2022
  • If you want to liven up your summer breakfasts, TikTok is the place to go for weird and wonderful food creations. We’ve picked our favourite TikTok food trends and recipes to give your morning meal a makeover…

  • Cereal, but not as you know it

    Hugely popular nature’s cereal is essentially a fruit salad with a splash of coconut water and an added crunch of ice. But there’s something about the combination of ingredients that works as a refreshing (albeit it not that filling) bowl of goodness to kick off the day.

    It’s a little bizarre but chia pudding cereal topped with blueberries, nuts and honey is a surprisingly light and satisfying brekkie. If it’s good enough for a Kardashian…

    Finding it hard to choose between cereal and pancakes? Do both with a bowl of mini pancake cereal! Bonkers but cute, it’s as simple as squeezing large dots of batter onto a good pancake pan. Try it for a fun weekend breakfast.

  • A twist on porridge

    Move over stir-in-the-pot porridge, oatmeal’s had a TikTok do-over! Don’t get us wrong – we love our porridge, but this trend for baked oats is going down a treat. Try it the healthy way with this blueberry version or the more indulgent way with strawberry choc chip.

    Yes, it’s basically cake but it’s made with oats so it passes for breakfast too.

  • Such a smoothie

    Smoothie bowls have been around for a while, but the trend now is all about the consistency – if you can tip the bowl over without a spill, you’re good to go! The trick? Use frozen fruit and blitz to perfection.

    The vivid colours are amazing – blue spirulina gives this smoothie a mesmerising mint green, while pure fruit makes this peanut butter topped bowl a rich purple. You can even get your morning hit of caffeine with this coffee smoothie bowl.



  • The toast of TikTok

    Butter and jam just won’t cut it when it’s got to go viral. So it’s got to be something super creative like this custard toast. Quick and easy, it can even be made in the air fryer.

    Whipped ricotta toast is all over TikTok right now, but with so many versions to choose from we suggest with this lip-smacking blackberry and pistachio topped recipe. And talking of cheese and fruit combos, this grilled sourdough topped with brie and berries is the business.

  • Eggs-tra special

    A one-pan breakfast sandwich is definitely one to try. Eggs, cheese and ham (with the potential to swap in your favourite savoury breakfast ingredients) cleverly sandwiched in a muffin – delicious!

    Talking of easy breakfasts, eggs and bacon on toast done in the air fryer is a tasty plate for very little effort.

    If you really want to impress though, Turkish eggs are the way to do it. Poached eggs on a bed of garlicy yogurt, drizzled with Aleppo pepper butter. Sounds tricky but it isn’t, and it tastes incredible. Try it!

    We’ll leave you with this next level creation to boggle your mind: a Full English breakfast Wellington. Is it a do or a don’t for you?

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