Glow From The Inside Out

by Tefal Team on 30 September 2021
  • For great skin and hair, what we put in our body is even more important than what we put on our body. So get glowing this autumn with these super beauty foods.

  • What’s on the inside counts

    There are millions of lotions and potions promising gorgeous hair and glowing skin. But what you put on your plate makes a bigger difference so for truly impressive results, drink plenty of water and learn which foods can boost your beauty.

    Grab a green tea (rich in antioxidants and helps fight skin aging btw) to sip while you read our pick of the tastiest beauty foods to include in your menu…

  • Can’t beat beta

    Found in vibrantly coloured veggies and other food stuffs, beta carotene is a compound with many pluses for the body. It does good things like helping to prevent cell aging and helping skin retain moisture, as well as reducing the impact of ultraviolet damage.

    We’ve all heard that carrots help you see in the dark (it’s the beta carotene that’s good for vision) but did you know this wonder compound can also help relieve dandruff, promote brain health and may even help prevent type II diabetes?

    Get more in your diet with this sausage and sweet potato stew, this butternut squash and sage risotto and this delicious papaya and mango jelly (No Cook4Me app? Download it here).

  • Nuts about coco

    Coconut is a beauty food powerhouse. Full of vitamins C and A, protein, calcium, iron and electrolytes like potassium and sodium, it’s excellent for hydrating the skin and boosting its elasticity and radiance.

    Not only is it a good anti-ager, but it can also be used to calm sunburn and tone and cleanse skin, and its conditioning properties make it a perfect hair rinse to help prevent drying and aging.

    It’s delicious too. As well as drinking it straight up, try it in this coconut water soup or TikTok sensation nature’s cereal.

  • Savoury goodies

    Lean into lentils for luscious locks. They’re rich in protein, iron and zinc amongst other things, which is good for growth and all-round lovely hair. Get some with this mega mushroom and lentil curry.

    Cucumber slices soothe eyes during a pamper session, but they’ll do a lot more if you eat them. Containing vitamins B and C, zinc, iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium and potassium, cucumber helps to repair and smooth the collagen in your skin. Whizz it up in a green smoothie or this cucumber and mint gazpacho.

  • Keep it sweet

    It’s no secret that honey is a wonder stuff, but did you know just how many things it’s good for? It moisturises and softens skin as well as contributing to cell renewal. Used on hair it can help repair dry and damaged locks.

    It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory so can help with conditions such as acne and eczema. It can also help you sleep better which has transformative effects on your skin. Add a spoonful to warm milk or hot water to sip before bed and reap the rewards.

    Here’s a shocker – thanks to antibacterial and immune-stimulating compounds, cocoa can be better at fighting cavities than fluoride. Whaaat? It also helps harden enamel making teeth less susceptible to decay. Best tuck into some yummy chocolate honey truffles (in moderation of course!)

    We hope this selection of beauty foods has given you a taste for boosting your glow. Who knew looking good could be this delicious?



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