How To Eat With The Seasons

by Tefal Team on 20 March 2023
  • News of imported salad crop shortages have tempted us to rediscover what’s readily available here in the UK, so isn’t it time we all embraced more seasonal eating? Our handy guide will show you how…

  • Why eat seasonally?

    We’re so used to seeing produce available all year round that we’ve lost touch with what’s seasonal but there are plenty of good reasons to eat with the seasons. First off, there’s plenty of the produce in question so it’s not hard to come by, which means it’s usually cheaper too.

    Because it’s fresh, seasonal food also tends to taste better and often supports the local economy. And let’s not forget that it reconnects us with nature’s cycles and by using less energy and producing less CO2 emissions to grow and transport is, it’s better for the planet as well.

  • So, what’s on the menu?

    Keep track of what’s in season with an at-a-glance fruit and veg chart, while this directory includes meat, fish and imported seasonal foods too.

    We’ve also picked out some of our favourite seasonal produce together with tasty recipes to whet your appetite:

  • January

    Root veggies a plenty mean we’re tucking into yummy dishes like roast cod and winter veg ratatouille and beetroot fritters, while leeks take centre stage in sweet leek carbonara and cheesy leek pudding.

  • February

    Rhubarb, kale and mackerel mean February food is far from boring brown dishes. Try something different with sauteed salsify or shredded ginger Brussels sprouts.

  • March

    It’s the start of the hungry gap but there are still delicious things on offer such as parsnips, Jerusalem artichoke, chicory and radish – check out some tasty recipes for March produce.

  • April

    Spring lamb is now on the menu. Try serving with scrummy potato röstis (made easy in the Easy Fry!) and versatile purple sprouting broccoli.

  • May

    Now’s the time to feast on tasty asparagus. Dunk in boiled eggs, grill with halloumi and more! And discover the joy of spring greens in stir fries, risottos and sides.

  • June

    Courgette’s just one of the flavours of this month; sample it in a heavenly slow-cooked veg lasagne and let the Turbo Cuisine take care of the cooking. With elderflower decorating the hedgerows, try your hand at cordial and sorbets.


  • July

    It’s a bountiful month with peas, potatoes and samphire just a hint of what’s on offer. Plan a best of British menu to celebrate.

  • August

    This time of year is filled with grilled aubergine, cavolo nero spaghetti, strawberry fool and much more.

  • September

    With sardines, crab, lamb, game, a huge selection of veg and a delicious abundance of fruit on offer, it’s the perfect time to try some seasonal, regional and unbeatable UK recipes!

  • October

    The veg section is filling up with squashes – from big orange pumpkins to tiny gem varieties – so line up some stellar recipes and other autumn comfort food.

  • November

    Sweet potatoes, Swiss chard, wild mushrooms, mussels, oysters and more are in season, and we’re in the mood for tummy warming dishes like mushroom stroganoff and stew and dumplings.


  • December

    It’s no surprise that Brussels sprouts, turkey and chestnuts are having their moment, but so are celeriac, shallots, pheasant, scallops and pears – yum!

    Once you start to look, it’s clear there’s a huge amount of choice with UK seasonal food. And one thing’s for sure – seasonal eating really keeps your menu fresh!