Save With These Tasty Zero Waste Recipes

by Tefal Team on 27 January 2023
  • Reducing waste in the kitchen is a no-brainer: it saves you money as well as helping the planet, so it really is a must do for every household. Make it easy and delicious with these handy hints and recipes and start saving today!

  • Tips to cut food waste

    The best way to reduce waste is to preserve food by storing it properly  and freezing what you don’t need immediately, including surplus ingredients and leftovers.

    Planning how you’ll use up ingredients is also key. Choose all-in recipes like these dreamy asparagus velouté and this scrummy orange and almond cake. Or if you don’t need the whole tin, tub or fresh ingredient for the dish you have in mind, earmark a second recipe to use up the rest.

    We’ve also got recipe packs on the Tefal app devoted to meal ideas to help you reduce food waste – check it out these fabulous EasyFry recipes and Turbo Cuisine meals.

  • Use-up dishes

    These recipes are just what you need for fruit and veg that are moments away from turning to mush. Soup is the obvious go-to but before you throw everything in, choose one main flavour and three supporting veg (say carrot with courgette, onion and potato) and add herbs, spices or a squeeze of lemon for extra oomph.

    Another great option is a bung-in-whatever’s-at-hand veg sauce , which can be made in bulk and frozen for future suppers. Use it for pasta, pizza, chilli, curry – endless possibilities!

    Smoothies are an easy and scrumptious way to deal with fruit that’s past its best. And you’ll never need to throw an overripe banana away again with gems like this banana lassi recipe or these uber delicious banana muffins!


  • Rethink scraps

    Peel, stalks, seeds, cores and trimmings still offer plenty of taste and nutrition so don’t resign them to the compost bin. Use them straight away or freeze for future meals.

    Veg scraps are perfect for making a delicious stock. Pop everything in a slow cooker to save on energy. Bonus tip: potato peelings make tasty chips, try making them in an air fryer and see for yourself.

    Before you toss that apple core – stop! You could be moments away from this ridiculously good apple scrap jam to spread on toast or serve with cheese and crackers. For a tasty snack, always toast squash seeds instead of binning them. Amazing, hey? Here are more ways to love your scraps.

  • Elevate leftovers

    You’ll never look at leftovers in the same way again with these ideas in mind. Take porridge; if you’ve made too much, don’t bin in – turn it into oh-so-yummy porridge pancakes.

    You probably already know mash makes great potato cakes (try this veg packed recipe – outstanding!). But what about gnocchi? Serve with a tasty use-up pasta sauce – see recipe above.

    As well as bread and butter pud, a stale loaf makes easy toasted bread crumbs to store and freeze as well as these yummy French toast sticks. Extra rice can be transformed into mouth-watering vegetable cakes.

    For leftover cooked meat, we love a bit of panackelty. Easy to throw together and perfect for a hob to oven pan, serve it with seasonal cabbage and enjoy.

    In the spirit of zero waste, save this blog and use it to make great savings of your own. You’re very welcome.

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