Bowled Over By The Basics

by Tefal Team on 25 October 2022
  • When it comes to staple ingredients, a few firm favourites top the list time and again. We’ve set our sights on three – chicken, pasta and apple – to bring you useful cooking tips and mouth-watering recipes to try right now…

  • The Family Favourite

    Chicken is low in calories and high in vital nutrients like protein (a must for maintaining muscle mass and building and repairing tissue), selenium (good for your immune system and thyroid health) and B vitamins (brain food).

    High welfare free-range and organic chicken tastes great and is better for livestock and the planet but inevitably it’s more expensive. And with even regular chicken rising in price, make it cost effective by buying a whole bird and using it in multiple dishes.

  • Make a meal of it:

    Start by jointing the chicken – a couple of sharp knives and a good how-to will see you right. Use the breasts for this delicious chicken and rice with mushrooms, a comforting one pan meal that’s perfect for midweek.

    Ace crispy chicken wings in the air fryer, turn thighs into a fabulous puff pie and use drumsticks in this warming sweetcorn coconut chowder*.

    Don’t forget to turn the carcass into a flavour-packed stock. Or if you’re feeding a tableful and need the lot in one meal, try this succulent pot roast cider chicken* for a taste of the season.

  • The Mealtime Saviour

    Pasta has been a tasty staple for thousands of years. Cheap and filling, it’s mostly made with wheat but there are other options out there including barley, buckwheat and rice varieties.

    Wheat pasta is often refined meaning that it’s been stripped of the wheat kernel and, as a result, many of the nutrients. Some pastas are enriched to put part of the goodness back in, while wholewheat pasta is a good high fibre alternative.

  • Make a meal of it:

    Pumpkins are everywhere as we head towards Halloween so why not give this vegan pumpkin pasta a go? You could even try passive cooking the pasta to reduce CO₂ emission by 80% (as well as save on your energy bill!).

    We love a hearty one pot recipe and this sausage pasta dish is ticking a lot of boxes, the others being the lick-smacking flavours and an opportunity to use homemade chicken stock (see recipe link above ☝️).

    For something more unusual, this sardine spaghetti makes a speedy supper that’s full of goodness. And we know you’re going to love beef chili skillet lasagna: lasagna layers, Mexican flavours and no fiddly sauces in just 30 minutes – see what we mean?

  • The Seasonal Sweet

    Turns out there’s a lot of truth in the old ‘apple a day…’ saying. They’re packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fibre, come in many varieties and can be cooked into both sweet and savoury dishes as well as being the perfect ready-to-go snack.

    While apples are available all year round, autumn is the start of apple season here in the UK so now’s the time to really get stuck in.

  • Make a meal of it:

    This pork, black pudding and apple pie gets the autumn seal of approval, while a bowl of this apple and celeriac soup with crispy sage would really warm those cockles.

    For a slice of sweet stuff, try the pretty (and pretty easy!) apple galette, stonking apple meringues* and irresistible apple and red berry crumble*.

    As it’s spooky season, we’ll leave you with this Halloween special, toffee apple sticky toffee pudding – it’s hella good!

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