Oh...oh...Overnight Oats | The Perfect Prep-The-Night-Before Brekkie!

by Tefal Team on 14 May 2020
  • We’ve got time in the evenings, so why not revamp your oats and prep a delicious breakfast the night before! You will sleep well safe in the knowledge that breakfast is taking care of itself with these very best overnight oats recipes.

  • A bit about bircher

    Overnight oats are also known as bircher. That’s because the chap that invented them was called – you guessed it – Bircher. Maximilian Bircher-Benner to be precise. A Swiss doctor and nutritionist, he served it to patients at his Zurich sanatorium. Bircher didn’t know that, hey?

  • Overnight oats explained

    It’s simple: mix rolled oats with milk or water and maybe a few other ingredients, then store in the fridge for a few hours, preferably overnight. In the morning, add a few toppings of your choice (fruit, nuts, seeds, yogurt – that kind of thing) and – ta da! – breakfast is served.

    Chop up toppings the night before and you’ve got even less to do before tucking in on Sunday morning. In fact, they’ll keep for 3-5 days so make a big batch to see you through the beginning of the week too.

  • Get fruity

    A recipe fit for the Swiss man himself, this bircher muesli recipe is topped with pears and sour cherries. Or for a taste of paradise, check out these tropical overnight oats.

    Jam counts as fruit, right? Phew. This simple but tasty recipe for overnight oats with jam and toasted coconut makes the cut.

  • Veggie good?

    We’ll be brief on this one as we don’t want to risk putting you off but adding veg to overnight oats can be surprisingly good. Try this carrot cake overnight oats recipe or be a little braver with these creamy butternut and cinnamon oats and you’ll see what we mean.

  • Choc full

    You not might think something called brownie batter overnight oats would classify as a healthy breakfast but this recipe’s actually pretty sin-free.

    Pudding for breakfast? No, it’s overnight oats again but this scrummy recipe for a chocolate and chia variety calls it pudding so we’re going with it.

  • Go nuts

    Wonder what Herr Bircher would have made of these peanut butter cookie overnight oats. Surely too delicious to be good for you? Take a look at the ingredients and decide for yourself.

    Pistachio, apple and pomegranate seeds are the stars of this bircher muesli recipe, while the cinnamon and nutmeg add nice spicy undertones.

    How can a recipe called almond joy fail to brighten your morning? The fact that it’s full of chocolate chips, maple syrup and coconut too ought to help.

    Sadly overnight oats don’t come in the full English variety. (Actually, that’s probably not a bad thing). For that kind of start to your Sunday, head here instead.

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