We’re Jammin’: Your Guide To Homemade Jam

by Tefal Team on 15 July 2019
  • Forget daddy cool – it’s granny cool that’s all the rage. From crocheting to collecting vinyl records, vintage trends are making a comeback. So, with summer here at last and British fruits ripe and ready, we couldn’t be more excited about making our own jam.

    We’ve come over all WI as we put together your ultimate guide on how to get started, as well as the berry best ways to use your glorious homemade jam.

  • Back to basics

    You can make jam at home from just about any fruit or fruit combo you fancy. Would you believe it, even banana jam is a thing.

    Why not just buy jam from a shop, you say? Good point, that would be easier. But making it at home can be cheaper, is a good way to use up wonky or overripe fruit and lets you play around with flavours until you find the perfect recipe (chocolate and chilli anyone?) You can also proudly boast to all who’ll listen that you made this jam yourself. And it’s fun to do, especially with kids.

  • Let’s get picky

    You can, of course, buy fruit from the supermarket or green grocer but for an afternoon of fresh air (and extra bragging about how much work went into the final product) why not pick your own? Find your nearest PYO farm, get the kids involved and eat pick mountains of beautifully fresh fresh berries. Take a food container to safely stash your fruit in before it reaches the kitchen.

  • Jam kit

    Apart from a couple of kilos of fruit and some sugar, you’ll need a big pan, a sugar thermometer, some sterilized jars and a wide neck funnel to help get the jam in jars. Those little waxed paper circles that you’ve fished off the top of homemade jams are there to stop it from spoiling, so get some of these and a roll of sticky labels to proudly mark up the jars when you’re done. Gingham covers are optional but will give your jam that authentic 100% homemade feel.

  • Jamming along

    Although there’s a bit of prepping and cooking to do, jam making’s really quite simple. So clear your calendar for an afternoon, gather all you need and get jamming.

    Here’s an easy step-by-step jam making tutorial to follow.

  • Ways with jam

    As well as slathering it on toast, jam has lots of other foodie uses. Stir into porridge or dollop on scones (before or after clotted cream depending on whether you’re team Devon or Cornwall). It even tastes pretty good with cheese – try it and see for yourself.

    A slice of vicky sponge with an afternoon cuppa is our jam. For Bake Off style results, this recipe for classic victoria sponge is a great one for the Cake Factory.

    We’d be in a sticky situation if we didn’t mention doughnuts in this jam-packed blog. So whip out the deep fryer and join us in knocking up a batch of these gorgeously crispy doughnuts, perfect for filling with your carefully crafted jam.

Cake Factory

Successful and Creative baking anytime!

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