Brilliant One-Pan Veg Meals To Make This Lunchtime

by Tefal Team on 16 January 2020
  • Banish boring lunches and say no to piles of washing up! We’re here to transform your midday eats with just one trusty pan, a few veggies and a sprinkle of extra ingredients.

    From speedy meals to hearty feasts, read on for champion one-pan vegspiration…

  • Quick bites

    In a hurry? No time doesn’t mean less flavour and we’ve got the recipes to prove it. These pesto vegetable fritters can be knocked up in minutes and are so tasty they’ll be gone even quicker.

    In a cheesy twist to the traditional, this halloumi and potato stir-fry has the makings of a star standby recipe for whenever you’re in a rush for a yummy lunch.

    And with just 20 minutes, one pan and a few ingredients, you could be tucking into these delectable veggie enchiladas. Why wouldn’t you?

  • Good eggs

    If you’re after an extra filling lunch then this is egg-actly what you need. Cheese, peas and pasta are the stars of this easy frittata. Any leftovers can be packed up for the next day’s lunch too – winner!

    Poaching eggs in your veg is a neat way to keep it all in one pan. This so-called soup is really more of a stew and packs some lively Latin American flavours. As do these chipotle bean chilli baked eggs. Don’t fret bean-avoiders, we’ve got your back. Opt for a classic shakshuka instead.

  • Hearty pan-fulls

    Jumble it all together with a super satisfying veg jambalaya. Full of spice, tasty veggies and rice, it’s sure to leave a nice, warm glow in both your mouth and tum.

    This Hungarian paprika potato stew has comfort food written all over it. Needing only a few simple ingredients and topped with yogurt and pickles for an authentic look, it’s a must-do January dish.

    ‘Good-for-you savoury porridge’ might sound like something you want no part of but don’t let it put you off this belter of a dish. We’re sure the coconut coriander chutney alone will win you over.

    Even oven-baked classics aren’t out of the question. Healthier, full of flavour stove top lasagne? Yep, you can make that happen with this fabulous recipe.

    There’s no excuse for limp lunchtime sarnies now – that’s pan-tastic news!

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