Could You Save Time And Effort With These Futuristic Gadgets?

by Tefal Team on 28 October 2019
  • Forget jetpacks, hoverboards and flying cars. The future landed in 1932 when some brainiac combined a kettle with a clock and the Teasmade was born.

    Obviously that’s pretty hard to top. But when it comes to genius ideas to save your precious time, and make your life easier – we reckon we’ve got some pretty good contenders…

    (Yeah okay, this is a shameless bit of self-trumpet blowing, but Christmas is coming and we all need some inspo, right?)

  • 1. A grill that thinks for you

    Take a brilliant grill, give it a brain and you’ve got the Tefal OptiGrill. It can identify the thickness of your food and judge the perfect cooking time, whether you’re grilling meat, fish, veg or absolutely smashing that perfect portion of bangers to top your mash.

  • 2. A fryer that stirs it up

    So not only did we actually invent the air fryer (thank you, thank you. Address all fan mail to our facebook), our top of the range, super swanky ActiFry Genius XL has a built-in paddle that does the stirring for you and can cook almost anything. One pot wonders have never been easier.

  • 3. Clever pans that stack up

    No one has ever gone into their kitchen and said: what I need here is less space. We’re all always on the hunt for more. So, our genius-boffin-type-people invented pans with removeable handles. These pans can go from hob, straight to oven. They look smart on the table. They even have airtight lids to store leftovers in the fridge. And they stack like a dream on a shelf.

  • 4. Now you can toast eggs

    Toasters are great, aren’t they? Sliced bread goes in, then moments later pops up a perfect golden colour. What if cooking up the eggs to go with the toast was as easy? Hold on, what if your toaster could cook eggs or even beans? Well, we looked at that and said yes, that needs to be a thing. And we made it happen.

  • 5. A soggy bottom free cake-baking machine

    It’s a smart, precision mini oven with perfect temperature control and loads of pre-sets, making baking disasters a thing of the past. It even guides you through meringues and melt-in-the-middle chocolate cakes. You could say it’s a star baker.

  • 6. An iron that’s more than an iron

    Anything that makes ironing less of a pain in the backside gets our vote. But the IXEO goes one better than that – you don’t actually have to iron at all. Just waft its steamy arm around a bit. If you really feel the need, deploy the built-in ironing board and the IXEO steps up to iron level performance.

    If only there was a gadget to cook tonight’s dinner. Oh wait…

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