Seasonal, Regional & Unbeatable – Brilliant British Food Ideas For You

by Tefal Team on 16 September 2019
  • We go barmy for British food all year round, but September’s harvest time, so it’s a really good time to get stuck in to the best of British food. To make it a total breeze, we’ve gathered together some top regional nosh ideas to help you munch through the whole of British Food Fortnight.

  • Big up breakfast

    Eggs, bacon, sausages… so far so regular fry up. But hang on, what’s this? Potato farls, black pudding and soda bread – this must be an Ulster fry, served with delicious, seasonal British-grown tomatoes, of course.

    Any of that moreish soda bread left over can be put to good use with some tasty potted crab (crab’s in season right now) to tide you over till lunch.

  • Pie’s the limit

    The dreamy-sounding stargazy pie is one of Cornwall’s best-known fish dishes (although the skyward pointing fish heads might be the stuff of nightmares for some). With sardines in season, we couldn’t resist including these stargazy pasties, a tribute to the region’s most famous food.

    A hard day’s harvesting (or blog writing…) deserves a hearty lunch. Step this way Melton Mowbray pie with a good dollop of homemade piccalilli (excellent for preserving seasonal goodies) – irresistible.

    Knock up some traditional and much-loved London grub in the form of pie and mash. Choose from this month’s crop of potatoes for beautifully creamy mash and drench in parsley liquor, me old china.

  • Seasonal suppers

    Originally made with mutton, most Lancashire hotpot recipes now call for lamb. As it’s in season, what better excuse to tuck into this gravy filled, potato-crusted one-pot wonder? Serve with buttered runner beans for an extra seasonal hit.

    Cheap, simple and satiating, no wonder the chunky meat ‘n veg soup that is Welsh cawl is so celebrated. Another great use of seasonal lamb, this recipe from Jamie Oliver pops in carrots, parsnips and leeks but any seasonal root veg will work. Enjoy with crusty bread and Caerphilly cheese.

  • Good pud

    British-grown raspberries are still readily available which thankfully means we can include cranachan in our round up. Not to be confused with the legendary sea monster (that’ll be the kraken), this sublime Scottish dessert is best made with Celtic oats and raspberries and a dram or two of whisky.

    You can’t get more British than the humble crumble, and now’s the best time to make it. With damsons, blackberries, apples, pears, plums and apricots ripe and ready, personally we’ll be making this beauty of a pud after a spot of foraging.

    With this pick of the crop of British recipes, you’re all set for some splendid harvest feasting.

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