Cook4Me Connect: What the Bloggers Think

by Tefal Team on 02 September 2016
  • We’re making cooking easier and quicker with our new Cook4Me Connect, which allows you to prepare meals in minutes. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can have hundreds of recipes at your fingertips – with new ones being added regularly – allowing you to step up your cooking game whether you’re a novice or a pro.

    To show just how good the Cook4Me Connect is and how simple it is to use, we challenged some family and lifestyle bloggers to give it a go and cook up one of the delicious meals it can make.

    With many of these bloggers short on time and with several mouths to feed, how did the Cook4Me Connect work? Here’s what they thought:

  • Mum's Space

    Tara from Mum’s Space used the Cook4Me Connect to whip up some beef tacos for her family and was really impressed with the results. She used the iPhone App – available in the app store – to find the recipe she wanted to try and to get the list of ingredients.

    Once she told the machine what she was cooking, Tara simply followed the instructions on the screen and was ready to dish up her beef tacos in less than 20 minutes.

  • "I have to say it got a huge thumbs up! It was so easy to use and even I could follow the instructions!"

  • The screen clearly tells you what you need to do at each stage and when it is ready to start to cooking. It also has a countdown on the screen, so you know exactly when your meal will be ready, which means you can get everyone settled at the table.

    Tara was so impressed – as was her family – that she’ll be using the Cook4Me Connect to cook up beef tacos again in future, as well as other delicious recipes.

  • Tastefully Vickie

    Vikkie Richmond from Tastefully Vickie joined us at our Cook-a-long session in London, which is where we showcased some of our new products and showed how they worked.

    She whipped up a prawn risotto in under 20 minutes with some other family and lifestyle bloggers, although she admits that much of that time was spent chatting as the machine left very little for them do.

    Vikkie said that other than giving the risotto a stir every now and then, once the Cook4Me Connect was set and the ingredients were prepped, there was nothing more to do, making it the ideal appliance for a busy home.

  • Firsttooth

    Lizzie from Firsttooth also got to try out the Cook4Me Connect at the Cook-a-long session, but she also tested it out at home and was impressed both times. While she cooked prawn risotto in minutes at the event, she opted to whip up some pesto chicken risotto at home, which was ready to serve in just eight minutes.

    Since this she’s tried out eight other recipes, all with great results.

  • "I was absolutely amazed how quickly meals are cooked... it’s a brilliant appliance for busy families."

  • She found all the features of the appliance really handy, including the fact that you end up with just the one bowl to wash up when you’re finished. She also thought the fact that you could create shopping lists through the apps and change how many people you are cooking for was really handy.

    Another big plus that she found was being able to walk away while dinner cooked, which is ideal for every busy parent. The fact that you don’t have to deal with hot pans also meant that Lizzie could get her little ones involved in mealtime prep.

  • "I’m so impressed with how easy it is to use and how simple it makes each recipe to follow."

  • If the Cook4Me Connect sounds like the perfect appliance for your kitchen, what are you waiting for? Find out more about it here

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