BBQ Sides That Are Better Than Burgers

by Tefal Team on 30 May 2017
  • Later evenings and sunny weekends can mean only one thing – it’s time to get the barbecue out. There’s nothing better than lighting your grill, gathering friends and family around and sitting out in the garden with some delicious food.

    While the chances are your barbecue might become an indoor affair thanks to the less-than-obliging British weather, you’ve still got the perfect excuse to indulge in some of your favourites.

    But we all know that a barbecue is more than just burgers, sausages and kebabs – it’s definitely all about the sides. After all, what other type of meal allows you to enjoy potato salad as if it is a food group all of its own?

    This is why killer sides are a must-have at any barbecue, which means more than a slightly sad looking shop-bought coleslaw. To make sure your barbecue side game is on par with the meal you’re grilling, we’ve found some great recipes for you to try.

  • Mexican street corn

    Corn on the cob is always a sure-fire winner at a barbecue, as well as being pretty easy to get right. Rather than serving it plain or just simply with butter, spice things up a bit and add a Mexican flair that will turn your side into a meal all on of its own. This colourful and delicious recipe from Thyme and Honey is a great way to enjoy this barbecue staple and to offer a healthy vegetarian option to guests. You can add as much heat as cheese as you like or allow everyone else to finish off their grilled corn to suit their tastes. Just make sure people leave room for everything else!

  • Fennel seed coleslaw

    What even is a barbecue without a heaping bowl of coleslaw? We’re pretty sure this is the food that holds the British barbecue together, so you definitely want to make your own and really wow your guests. Although coleslaw is pretty simple to make, there are a few tricks that make it even more delicious so you’ll soon become known as the coleslaw king or queen. Whip up a batch using this easy recipe from She Cooks, She Eats and yours will be the only barbecue anyone will want to go to this summer.

  • Brie and brown sugar Hasselback potatoes

    Another popular option for barbecue sides is the solid and safe baked potato. Just like sweetcorn, you can cook these on the grill by wrapping them in tin foil and letting them do their thing. However, there are ways you can make your barbecued potatoes even more delicious, including preparing them Hasselback style. This is when you thinly slice down the back of a potato, allowing you to add more ingredients and results in a crispy skin. To give this a try and make some extra special potatoes for your barbecue, try Cooking for Keeps’ super tasty recipe.

  • Garlic herb flatbread

    One thing you need at every barbecue is bread. Usually, your bread serves only as an easy way to get your burger from the plate to your mouth without all the sauces and fillings you love falling all over the place. However, your bread can be one of the best side dishes on your table, especially if you cook it on your grill. Try this great and cheap recipe for garlic herb flatbread from Minimalist Baker, which is great for teaming with all your meat, fish and veggie options. Of course, you could also whip up Deliciously Ella’s creamy guacamole too for the perfect dipping opportunity.

  • Grilled banana boats

    Who said everything you cook on the barbecue needs to be savoury? The perfect mix of side dishes also includes something deliciously sweet, which is why you should be sure to have a bunch or two of bananas at the ready. This super simple recipe from Country Cleaver means your guests can customise their own dessert and you can serve them up hot off the grill in just ten minutes. All you need are bananas and plenty of sweet treats to team with them and you’ll be onto a winner.

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