Add Some Fenugreek This February

by Tefal Team on 07 February 2020
  • New to fenugreek? Then it’s time to get acquainted. As well as edible leaves and seeds and a stack of health benefits, fenugreek is also said to be a bit of an aphrodisiac.

    With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re getting up close and personal with fenugreek and sharing some tasty recipes perfect for lover’s day.

  • The low down fenugreek

    Fun fenugreek fact: its name means Greek hay. You may also know it as methi (as in methi chicken curry). Like coriander, fenugreek (pronounced feh-noo-greek or feh-new-greek) is both a herb and a spice, the leaf being the herb bit, the seed the spice.

    It’s thought to cure skin problems, maintain metabolism, treat sore throats, and help acid reflux, arthritis, asthma and even the menopause. Fenugreek fans also swear it’s great for hair. And let’s not forget libido 😉

    In fact, what it’s not good for would have been a shorter list, but that’s not to say it has no downside.

  • Leaves and seeds

    Tasty in salads, fresh fenugreek leaves can be hard to come by in the UK. Asian supermarkets or online is your best bet. Dried fenugreek leaves, used in all kinds of cooking, are more readily available.

    Fenugreek seeds, on the other hand, can be found in the spice aisle of most big supermarkets. Small and yellow with a bitter, burnt sugar flavour, they’re tough to grind by hand. Use a coffee grinder or save yourself the bother and buy pre-ground.

    Word to the wise – the seeds have a pungent fragrance that can linger long after the cooking is over. If your clothes whiff of the stuff, give them a quick steam to freshen up.

  • Fen-tastic curries

    If you’re planning to spice things up with a curry this Valentine’s, may we suggest these fenugreek-flavoured marvels? This all-in-one fragrant lamb curry while you make yourself look lovely.

    For something a little more hands on, try this irresistible butter chicken recipe. Baking your own naan bread is sure to win you extra brownie points even if it is pretty simple to do.

    This spice-slash-herb does wonders for side dishes too. Try these baby potatoes in onion and fenugreek or knock out some of these fantastic chicken parcels.

  • More fenugreek eats

    It’s not all curries and recipes from the Indian subcontinent; fenugreek crops up in some equally delish dishes. How about this spiced potato rosti as a Valentine’s breakfast treat? Serve up this tasty one-pan meal with soft-boiled eggs and a splash of spicy sauce.

    Fenugreek’s flavours are a great match for lamb, as these griddled lamb chops showcase to perfection. Dial up the fenugreek with a side serving of spiced spinach. And we’d be bowled over to find these lamb pasties with spicy apple pickle in a packed lunch with a little love note (hint hint).

    With our winning methi-dology, we hope we’ve persuaded you to add this fenu-great addition to your spice rack.

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