Ultimate Weekend Breakfasts

by Tefal Team on 22 November 2019
  • Weekends are all about taking your time over breakfast. No rushing through a bowl of cornflakes or grabbing toast to eat on the go; slow your pace and dream up your best ever breakfast with us right here…

  • Fully loaded fry ups

    You can’t go wrong a regular full English but lazy weekends are the time to splurge and add extra yumminess. So instead of tinned tomatoes, go for slow roasted, swap toast for a buttery muffin, bacon for prosciutto and give mushrooms the all-star treatment.

    Maybe you’re in the mood to give it a hipster nod by adding poached eggs and smashed avo? Or for a spicy twist, try this full English shakshuka.

  • Go old school

    Once the king of breakfast, kippers fell out of fashion for decades. But this cheap and nutritious option is making a quiet comeback. Give them a go in this modern take on classic kippers.

    If a whole smoked herring is a little much, try a smaller dose of fish in another trad morning meal – kedgeree. Leftover kedgeree isn’t something we’ve ever had to worry about, but if it were these kedgeree breakfast tarts would be the way to go.

  • Piled-high pancakes and waffles

    Let the Snack Collection sort the pancakes and waffles while you get your topping game on. Skip the lemon and sugar in favour of these beauts:

    Eat the rainbow with this scrumptious pancake stack or go grown up with these mango mojito pancakes. Sweet or savoury dilemma? Do both!

    This is what we call a load of waffle – pimped eggs benedict. And when cake meets waffle, only good can come of it.

  • What to drink

    Weekend breakfasts aren’t just about carbs and candied toppings. Inject some vits into the mix with a fruit-filled uber smoothie. Jamie’s super collection is a great place to start, or for a coffee kick without the loaded calories try this.

    Speaking of coffee, have you tried cold brew yet? Served hot or cold, it’s got weekend treat written all over it. And it keeps for up to two weeks in the fridge, so that’s Monday’s coffee on the go sorted.

  • Bottomless brunch at home

    OK, having to prep the food yourself might sound like it’s defeating the object of a slap up boozy brunch, but hear us out. Have it at home and you won’t have to queue up in the cold before you tuck in. For a fraction of the cost. And in your PJs.

    You also get to choose exactly what’s on the menu – whether that’s chorizo hash, breakfast bao buns or a full fry up in a Yorkshire pud. Line up the drinks (cocktails, mocktails, fizz or endless mugs of tea) and settle in for the long haul.

    Is it the weekend yet cause we’re ready for some ultimate breakfast action!

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