Prep Homemade Pasta Like A Pro

by Tefal Team on 15 October 2019
  • Use your noodle and make your own pasta! It’s World Pasta Day so have a go at making it from scratch; we’ve got all you knead to know right here.

  • Basic pasta recipe

    To make pasta, you just need flour and eggs. That’s it. Some recipes also add oil and salt (and sometimes spinach and other bits for colour) but the essentials are these two basic ingredients.

    As for the flour, the best for making pasta is ‘00’ (we just resisted the urge to add a ‘7’ at the end there J). The ‘00’ means it’s finely milled, perfect for silky smooth pasta.

    Take a look at this simple recipe for making pasta by hand. Once you’ve made your dough, it’s time to get it into shape.

  • Roll with it

    You’ll never believe how straightforward it is to make tagliatelle from homemade pasta dough. Roll it out, roll it up and slice – ta da! Serve with this tomato sauce; quick, cheap and easy, you’ll never need to buy the readymade stuff again.

    Up your lasagne game with homemade pasta sheets. No pasta machine needed, just a bit of elbow grease to produce these show-stopping results.

    And ravioli? That’s also dead simple to put together at home. It’s all about that trusty rolling pin again. Try this recipe, which includes an oozy mushroom filling. Mmmm.

  • Play dough

    Go back to school with this recipe for spinach pici pasta. Rolling the pici by hand into long thin sausage shapes will take you back to play doh days. A good one to make if you want to get the kids involved.

    These orecchiette (little ears – cute or a bit gross?) are really fun to make. Boil in a pan of salted water and add to that scrummy Italian sausage and pea sauce.

    Or roll up some strozzapreti (priest strangler – gotta love these pasta names!) and serve with this mouth-watering pork sugo.

  • Get saucy

    Talking of scrummy sauces, your prized pasta deserves to be topped with something equally delicious and homemade.

    Make pesto in a flash with this easy recipe. Make twice as much and store it in the fridge for up to two weeks, ready for midweek meal emergencies.

    Homemade carbonara can be cobbled together with just a few ingredients. Try this speedy version for top results. Or use seasonal squash to create something even creamier, like this butternut squash sauce.

    It’s good to have a crowd-pleasing Bolognese recipe in the bag. Did you catch the one we included in our cinnamon blog? Here’s another absolute belter of a Bolognese for you to have to hand.

    If you’re wondering of it’s worth the extra effort, you can absolutely tell the difference between dried pasta and freshly made. And when it’s this straightforward, why wouldn’t you give it a go?

    Right, we’re off to whip up some of those little ears for dinner tonight…

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