Send Teatime Into Orbit This World Space Week

by Tefal Team on 03 October 2018
  • It’s World Space Week (October 4th to 10th) and there’s never been a better opportunity to be astronomically inventive at teatime. After all, if telling fussy eaters that this is what astronauts eat doesn’t send them orbiting into their dinner then nothing will.

    Here are some of the food and craft ideas to give you lift-off into World Space Week.

  • Homemade noodle pot

    Everyone knows that astronauts eat rehydrated food, so why not have a go at making some yourself? The great thing about this is that you can tailor it to contain foods you know your kids like, such as chicken or sweetcorn, and sneak in vegetables cut so small they’ll enter your child’s digestive system undetected.

    The Kitchen Sanctuary’s homemade chicken and vegetable pot noodle recipe is a good place to start. It’s also a great dinner option on those days when you feel like you don’t have much in the cupboards.

  • Solar system fruit plate

    It’s always a challenge trying to get little ones to eat enough fruit and a good variety – not just 76 blueberries in one go – so make it fun. Turn a selection of items from the fruit bowl into the solar system with the help of a dark blue plate and some piped yoghurt.

    Creative Kid Snacks added some cheese and pepperoni for even more variety. It’s the perfect solution to get teatime over quickly if you know they’re not good at sitting still. You might find yourself making solar system plates well into the future though, as they are bound to be a hit!

  • Straw rocket launchers

    Get them to the table in the first place with a simple craft idea that’s lots of fun. Blowing into a straw gives enough lift to launch a small rocket and when they’re finished, they can use the straw in their drink.

    Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls recommends using foam sheets for the rockets’ fins, because they’re lightweight but also sturdy. As the kids launch the rockets again and again, they’ll probably end up in the food at some point, but you can just pretend it’s an alien planet.

  • Rocket sandwiches

    Even the humble sandwich can be out of this world if you give it a space twist. You can put all the usual fillings inside, but it’s all about presentation with this one. Think about the elements of a rocket – its cone-shaped top, fins, circular windows and perhaps even some flames at the bottom to make it blast off.

    These can be made out of anything your kids like, but The Cherry Share uses radishes for the windows and peppers for the fire. There’s even a cucumber moon on the plate too, but you can let your imagination run wild.

  • Galaxy cupcakes

    Persuade them to finish their meal by showing them the tempting cupcakes that you’ve got for dessert. You can easily make a fun sky-like scene by combining blue, black and purple icing in a piping bag. When it comes out, the colours will all be swirled together like the night sky.

    Baking Mad finishes these cupcakes off with edible gold powder, but small white chocolate stars all look good. You could even make moons or planets out of icing and the kids will have their own ideas if they want to join in with baking them.

  • Alien apple bites

    No space-themed teatime is complete without aliens and it’s easy to make some with a few ingredients. The most distinguishing thing about an alien is that it’s green, so choose a green foodstuff as your base and then work from there.

    Abbey’s Kitchen slices apple to make a wide alien grin and then fills the gap in between with almond butter, sunflower seeds for teeth and a strawberry tongue. Peanut butter would work just as well to sandwich them together. Small marshmallows on cocktail sticks with a dot of icing on each make for brilliant alien eyes.

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