Get Frittery With It

by Tefal Team on 04 May 2018
  • What’s your experience of fritters? We appreciate that’s a pretty bizarre question to be asked, but we’re guessing that the answer is most likely ‘stodgy and weird’. Some chippies try to go all exotic and serve up pineapple or banana fritters, which are essentially battered, deep-fried fruit to have as a ‘refreshing’ dessert after your fish and chips.

  • But we want you to move away from this slightly old-fashioned notion of fritters. Fritters can be a great healthy option, a good way to get more veg into your kids, and they work excellently on a burger bun, meaning you can legitimately have burgers every night for tea, without having to worry too much about your red meat intake.

    These healthy burger-like fritters are also really easy to make. It’s basically just a case of mushing up your veg of choice into a burger shape, and then frying it in a good pan. With the top quality non-stick in Tefal Thermo-Spot pans, you only need to use a tiny splash of oil too which helps make them healthier – a great way to GuaranT Good Food.

  • Pea and halloumi fritters

    The basic concept of a fritter is that it’s bits of veg (or whatever you like really) fried up and bound together with egg and flour. Despite what chip shops might think, batter is really not necessary.

  • Making a version with chopped mixed vegetables and serving them alongside some homemade hummus or another tasty dip makes a brilliant healthy after-school snack for the kids, but The Little Green Spoon has a slightly more sophisticated variety that uses halloumi with peas. Top with a poached egg for a weekend brunch with a difference – and not a drop of batter in sight.

  • Fancy pants sweet potato fritters

    Adding sweet potato to your fritters can give them a bit of extra substance, and these sweet potato fritters with avocado, rocket and lemon from Naturally Sassy actually make for a pretty fancy weeknight supper.

  • Simply grate sweet potato, season with salt, pepper and paprika (and any other spices you like), bind with egg, shape into patties and fry in your Tefal Thermo-Spot for around five minutes on each side.

  • Kale and butterbean fritters

    Beans are great for getting some extra protein into your fritters and making them a little more veggie burger-like. Butterbeans are a particularly good option, as their relatively plain flavour means they’re able to take on seasoning well.

  • Combine them with kale, finely chopped onion, crushed garlic, a little flour and some parmesan cheese (use vegan cheese if you prefer) like Circus Gardener for a seriously tasty and substantial snack. Serve with sweet potato fries (cooked in your Tefal ActiFry, obv) and salad, and you’ve got Friday night burger and chips, but not as you know it.

  • Mac'n'cheese fritters

    This next fritter recipe is a little more unusual, but is brilliant for using up leftovers. Amuse Your Bouche has instructions for how to make macaroni cheese fritters; in a similar way to how arancini balls are essentially just clumps of leftover risotto, these fritters are fried-up blobs of leftover mac’n’cheese.

  • Served on a burger bun, these would be the ultimate comfort food/much too stodgy depending on your personal opinion, but served with salad leaves and maybe a little tomato sauce, they’d make a fantastic lunch.

  • Falafel fritters, falafel fritters, falafel fritters...

    …try saying that ten times really fast. But there’s no need to get your tongue in a twist over these Palestinian chickpea fritters, or falafels, from Bint Rhoda’s Kitchen; just your teeth into something delicious.

  • Chickpeas, onion, herbs and spices form the basis of these Middle Eastern fritters, which are simply lovely with pitta bread, salad and a yoghurt dressing. A posh kebab, if you will. Who needs doner meat when you’ve got falafel fritters?

  • Sweet blueberry fritters

    Fritters can still be sweet and fruity too, of course. Move away from those retro banana and pineapple fritters and try this slightly more modern recipe for blueberry fritters from The English Kitchen instead.

  • Think of them like fried scones or flattened doughnuts – or just appreciate them for what they are: soft, crispy, juicy and delicious. Tip: Serve with thick Greek-style yoghurt for dipping, and a drizzle of honey too. You can thank us later.

    Want more ways to GuaranT Good Food? Check out more of our cooking tips here.

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