Doughnut Scroll Past These Recipes

by Tefal Team on 04 May 2018
  • What’s your favourite spherical snack with a hole in the middle? Cheerios? Okay for breakfast, but they quickly go soggy. Polo mint? Too crunchy and toothpaste-like. Bagel? Not bad, but a classic white loaf is arguably preferable. Surely it’s got to be a doughnut.

    Well, doughnut lovers, it’s your lucky [seven] day[s]. From May 12th to May 19th, the UK (yes, the hole of it – sorry…) will be celebrating National Doughnut Week, an entire week dedicated to all things doughnut – like baking them and eating them, mainly.

  • National Doughnut Week is run by The Children’s Trust, and charity ambassador and ex-cricketer Phil Tufnell spearheads the event each year, encouraging people to bake doughnuts and sell them to raise money for a good cause. While we applaud Phil’s admirable work with the charity, we can’t help but feel he’s being slightly jammy (pun unashamedly intended) with this particular gig – just think of all the doughnuts he must get to eat!

    Doughnuts are traditionally deep-fried, but you can make them a whole lot easier – and healthier – by using a Tefal Snack Collection. And did you know you can even make doughnuts in an ActiFry?

    So, if you’d like to join in raising money for this very worthy cause (and eat lots of doughnuts), try these fab recipes and see if you can do a doughnut-only bake sale in the office.

  • Classic jam and cream-filled doughnuts

    While there are so many more doughnut options than just jam and cream or jam and custard, which we’ll move onto in a moment, sometimes you can’t beat a classic combo, and this recipe from Passion for Baking is a great one to show you the basics of baking and filling your own doughnuts.

  • Doughnuts can be baked in a mould, but traditionally, they’re deep-fried, which is what gives them that oh so delicious crispy coating, and keeps the centre soft and fluffy and sweet. We’re salivating just thinking about it.

  • Vegan unicorn doughnuts

    As we find ourselves Googling ‘are unicorns vegan?’ we wonder what has happened to our lives. Can we legitimately call this research? The general consensus seems to be that, yes, unicorns are vegan, and consume a mainly herbivorous diet.


    That means they could enjoy these vegan and gluten-free unicorn-inspired doughnuts from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen, although that could be a little like cannibalism? But we guess it’s no worse than us humans eating gingerbread men?

  • Anyway, these doughnuts are made from gluten-free flour and coconut oil, and decorated with dreamy pastel-coloured icing and sprinkles, like all good unicorns.

  • Strawberry cheesecake doughnuts

    Struggling to choose between cheesecake or doughnuts for dessert? Have both!

    The First Year Blog’s strawberry cheesecake doughnuts combine two of the best bakes in one, with classic doughnut dough topped with a cream cheese glaze and filled with a homemade strawberry coulis, plus fresh strawberries for extra sweetness.

  • Swap the strawberries for blueberries or lemon if you’d prefer, or fill your donuts with chocolate sauce instead, topping the glaze with chocolate chips or brownie chunks. Chocolate brownie cheesecake doughnuts? Now you’re talking.

  • Nutella-filled ActiFry doughnuts

    Obviously, the deep-frying aspect of making doughnuts doesn’t exactly make them the healthiest snack. But thanks to the Tefal ActiFry, you can make them a whole lot better for you.

  • The Culinary Jumble has several recipes for ActiFry doughnuts, but if we had to pick a favourite, it’d be these Nutella-filled creations. Imagine biting into what looks like a classic sugar-sprinkled doughnut expecting fruity jam inside, only to find gooey Nutella. Oh my.

  • Galaxy doughnuts

    Galaxy bakes are a huge Instagram trend right now. We don’t just mean bakes that use Galaxy chocolate, although, of course, they are amazing in their own right. No, we mean bakes decorated to look like the night sky or the depths of outer space, with deep blues and purples, and flashes of starry sparkle.

  • In this amazing recipe, we’ve created galaxy-inspired doughnuts in our Snack Collection. You’d be forgiven for thinking that those stunning midnight colours used in the recipe can’t possibly be natural, but they actually come from edible ingredients. Very impressive. Almost out of this world, you could say.

  • Something savoury: Garlic and herb doughnuts

    Now, should a doughnut ever be savoury? Surely that’s a bagel? Well, not necessarily. May I Have That Recipe? has a great guide to making savoury baked herbed doughnuts flavoured with basil, tarragon, chives and garlic – not what you’d expect from a doughnut.

  • But they’re actually really yummy – you just need to get your head around the fact that it’s not going to be sweet when you bite into it, despite it being called a doughnut. If you can’t try a savoury doughnut on National Doughnut Week, when can you?

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